Gen Y Blogging Becoming More Popular

This week, Anderson Analytics’ GenX2Z released partial findings from their 2009 US college Student report. According to their findings, Facebook remained the number one website this year overtaking MySpace in 2007. MySpace finds themselves in fourth place after Google and Yahoo! Among the top ten sites, three new ones have been included (LiveJournal, Amazon, CNN).

The study finds that the popularity of blogging amongst Gen Y is largely attributed to college women who are three times more likely than males to maintain a blog. Also worthy of noting is that students are four times more likely to blog. In terms of Social Networking Services, it is no surprise that Facebook leads the pack with over 80 percent of the respondents use the service compared to 40% for MySpace. Looks like the wow factor of MySpace with college students in gone.

Information about the study: Anderson Analytics – GenX2Z College Study is conducted every year in the Fall semester among 1,000 US college students. All participants have confirmed .edu emails. Sample provides statistics with a +/-3.1% confidence interval at the 95% confidence level.

3 thoughts on “Gen Y Blogging Becoming More Popular

  1. Very interesting to find out that female students are far more likely to blog than their male counter parts. I personally maintain a blog as a Generation Yer myself. I understand that it is important for us to have an outlet for our thoughts. Great article.

  2. What baffles me about this is that when I was in college, there were no social networking sites, unless you count AOL or old school forums. The younger generations are much more connected and that’s not even addressing cell phones and texting!

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