Peformancing for Firefox Ad Competition!

Ok, so we’re all set to release version 1.01 in a matter of hours, hopefully, and that brings us one step closer to taking off the BETA label, and advertising our Firefox blogging extension on a few choice websites, aswell as our own. We’d like to enlist your help if we may…

Cheapskate Prize Money

Hey, we’re not rich, but if someone can come up with a kick-ass logo/ad for us, we’ll happily dole out a $500 cash prize, and if we use it in the app itself, give you credit for that on the about tab, naturally 🙂

What we’re looking for…

Im not much of an artist, but im thinking a mix of the Performancing logo (sans tagline) and the Firefox logo — but it’s really up to your creative vision!

We need to show a 160×160 ad, and a 400×30/40 ad – one for technorati and other blog sites, and one to go above the posts in the left column here at Performancing.

The ad needs to incorporate the following:

  • A custom logo (some ideas above)
  • A “download here” type tagline, wording is up to you
  • A seriously brief tagline/description

Is that enough info? I hope so…

Good Luck

So, if you have a little spare time, and would like to have a bash at creating our ads, and winning the cash and credit, go right ahead. You can hotlink to your ads here using normal html in the comments, or email me at [email protected]

Have fun!

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