One to Watch: Om goes Pro

I promised myself I would not post this week, as im on holiday with my daughter for a few days, but I can’t resist congratulating Om Malik as he turns Pro Blogger and ditches his Business2.0 gig.

I think the move had been coming for a while, but I know it must have been a tough decision as when we last spoke a few weeks back it was still undecided — The plunge has been taken though, and with some VC backing (like Aaron, im a little confused by that) there will most likely be some interesting things coming out of GigaOm in coming months.

Congratulations Om!

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Author: nickw

One thought on “One to Watch: Om goes Pro

  1. Good luck to him. He says he needs the VC cash to use the talents of coders and such. I guess he figures access to those skills is worth giving a portion of ownership away though I bet he could have found some top class skills for a lot less % than the VCs take …

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