7 thoughts on “Off the Beaten Web2.0 Track

  1. zimbra.com provides an interesting (perhaps a bit to) feature loaded Collaboration Suite. Its Open Source, so it is good for getting into the code and learn.

    Frappr.com is a full web 2.0 based Social Network, which is quite dirty coded, but working and living.

  2. I like trailfire quite a bit.

    I wrote up an early review about them a week or two back.

    Basically, I think they have the potential to fill a niche left exposed by Digg and \.

    Digg has no editorial control (Open to any comers for articles) But they get low quality comments

    \. has high editorial control (limiting the articles) but gets high quality comments

    Trailfire seems to allow a person to pick individuals whom they may grow to trust maybe through a blog and follow them through their online web surfing reading their insites and comments into the news on multiple topics.

    As with all 2.0 items, its new and I’m still learning the good and bad ways to use the technology, but I think its got potential.

    here’s an example of one of my trails. If you click on this it will walk you through 7 websites I visited and you’ll be able to read my commentary on the articles.
    Airline Reactions to recent Terror

    I look at this as a way to write short comments about things that I’m following that aren’t quite ready or relative enough for me to write up in a blog.

    Plus, I’ve even kicked them over to a feedburner feed and dropped them in my sidebar in a blog I have for editorials on the news. (again I’m experimenting and still deciding how I like to use it and how I don’t like to use it)

  3. its like I’ve seen 10 other interactions of all of those sites before. Recently I found feedblendr.com to be extremely useful. (personally I hate the r ending “gagr”)

  4. Nice List.
    What I really like is the comments, lots of sites I never would have found elsewhere, specifically I like “snipplr.com”, can’t wait to try out their WordPress plugin.

  5. Off that list, congoo would get my vote: primarily for using audio on their web page, without my opt-in, but not actually annoying the hell out of me — nice job.

    And Fireant have a pretty cool website, but im not sure i need a directory of video stuff — what i really want is recommendations from people i trust..

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