Feeds That Matter

Here’s an interesting tagcloud of “Feeds that Matter” produced by these guys, courtesy of this guy, which is based upon public bloglines subscriptions for various categories. There’s a PDF on that link describing their research, but I was bored before I’d even opened it.

The tagcloud is pretty cool though, and a cursory glance tells me it’s worth further investigation..

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3 thoughts on “Feeds That Matter

  1. The approach is great. But I still believe that your personal gems are hidden in the long tail of the numerous websites.

    And the approach fails if you look at one of the biggest tags: del.icio.us. The created list is not helpful at all.

    And the tag cloud is easy but the lists mean work 🙂

  2. Tag Clouds just don’t work for me, but I did enjoy the statistical analysis in the menu on the same page offering a review of the statistics of the top fees, users of top feeds and more.

    Anyone that needs to put some facts behind current trends in the blogosphere might want to look at this a little deeper.

    Now, I can’t vouch for the accuracy of the research nor the anlaysis, but I did find it interesting. I suspect there was a little bias in some of the assumptions that might merit some further reviews. I do feel that the stats provide some perspective in usage and growth of the blogosphere and feed usage.

  3. I wish I had time, Nick, I wish I had time 😉 I know what you mean about PDFs.

    The Japanese stuff looks great amongst the tag cloud, stands out even though I can’t understand it 😉

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