Now Tracking 500+ Blogs!

Just a few short hours after launching, Performancing Metrics, is now tracking OVER 500 BLOGS! Woohoo! In way of celebration, I’d like to share a few of my favorite quotes from this site and others….

I’ve only been using this package for an hour and I can already tell you I love it…the seriously speedy response makes Google’s Analytics look like a dinosaur, and the blogcentric approach is exactly what was needed.”

“It’s awesome. It’s cool that it’s catered specifically towards blogs, so the data is actually useful.”

“Love the new Metrics. I especially like the ability to use it on multiple blogs.” ~Various folks from the Performancing announcement thread

“It’s Blog-centric – While there are a number of free statistics packages out there I don’t know of too many comprehensive ones that are tailored specifically for blogs. This one is designed with bloggers as the primary user.”
~Darren Rowse, review of PMetrics

“Even while Performancing Metrics is still in beta, it is fast becoming one of our favorite stats packages. It allows us to analyze how blogs are actually doing in real time, which is critical when we often have spikes that last only a few hours, Getting stats in real-time lets us react to incoming traffic in ways that our other stats packages simply can’t.” ~Jeremy Wright, Ensight, B5Media

“I put it up on test this morning. It looks good. It already provides much more useful information that does Google (Urchin) but as has been pointed out, it is available to all. I’ll be adding it to more blogs in the next few days, I highly Digg it.”
~Dave Star, Amusingly titled thread…

“Performancing Metrics is essentially the blog alternative to analytics programs like AWStats or Google Analytics which are geared more for traditional web sites. Performancing takes into account the everyday behind the scenes functions of a blogger and what is important to that’s blog’s statistics including comment and blog reading activity.” Loren Baker, Search Engine Journal

“Performancing Metrics really stands out as a blog metrics application for blogging pros.” ~Lee Odden, Marketing Blog

I hope to add a few more good quotes when we get to 1000, for now though, we’re all busy quaffing ale and frightening the neighbors in the Wilson household, and I hear Chris and Patrick are having a small tipple on Performancing Metrics launch awell!

34 thoughts on “Now Tracking 500+ Blogs!

  1. like it better than google’s because it has less clutter. wish it had more narrowed geo-stats, but overall, I really like the service. hope it stays free!

  2. I got the same kind of thing intermittently last night, but only for a few seconds here and there. Something about database open errors. (I’ll try to keep track.)

  3. Well, several symptoms : images missing, error messages about connection to the database (I don’t remember the exact message), or metrics unavailable then available 10 seconds later.

  4. It seems many times the access to your database is not possible… is your server suffering from the buzz ?

  5. >>Oh Oh Oh what can i post you from france make you happy ?

    Mrs W is very fond of a good cabernet

  6. A user has contributed this code, I haven’t tested it myself yet.

    If you only set up metrics yesterday it is too early to compare against anything. Give it at least 24 hours before making comparisons.

  7. Blog publish in Chinese cannot show normally

    Performancing is a great tools for blogger,I have use it for my blog gardenyard(后花园堤 written by Chinese) ).All function normally but the titles that written in Chinese cannot show normally.
    Is it support the character encoding — gb2312(mostly used by Chinese blogger by default)?

  8. jackysee, i’ll have to let chris answer that when he’s around later this morning…

    shergill, if you start to see the site or stats have problems displaying, you’ll know we have isssues, but for now, we’re 100% ok and am even breezing past a Digging whilst still collecting, processing and displaying data.

    If the stats you saw in apache logs were ANYTHING like what you see in a hosted application we’d be miricle workers. Unfortunately we’re not, and so you are not likely to see the kind of accuracy you get with raw log files.

    NOTE: If you want 100% accurate, almost infallible reporting, DO NOT use this, or any other Javascript based hosted or self hosted solution. Your raw log files are the most accurate way of tracking what apache is serving.

    Hope that helps explain.

  9. I’m a wordpress users. I have pasted the performancing code in the footer file so that every page it will be loaded.

    I read from the generated code that it would includes some varialbe such as article title, category, etc.

    However, when in the index page, these variables would be the first article of the article listing. Would a load on index page count as the first article count?

  10. These results are not consistent with what I can see from the Apache logs..Are you guys having some issues with servers?

  11. I set up Performancing on The Blog Herald however the stats aren’t nearly as accurate as MeasureMap,StatCounter, or any metrics program I’ve used. Are you guys having server problems? Please help.

  12. Looks great so far Nick. A stats/metrics package tailored to blogs and bloggers is something that was badly needed.

    Also, it’s a genius move on your guys part as well. I can imagine the extra traffic it’ll bring with all these bloggers popping by to check their stats.

    Kudos on the nice move, and for helping us out in the process!

  13. Guys,
    Great Product. It does everything I could want in a stats package.
    BTW, Metrics got to diggs page. Congrats!

  14. Ideally, I would want my Performancing to be able to track referrals from various RSS Aggregators so I could constrast and compare which are sending the most traffic and from which posts.

    I’d envision this tracking to be similar to Feedburner, without blog owners having to hack their feed files or live with the option of 15% of their feedreaders being tracked by FB while the other 85% are using organic RSS subscription methods like Firefox Live Bookmarks or subscribing by hand.

  15. I REALLY wanna use this on all my sites, not just blogs. This is the best “Don’t Make Me Think” app I’ve ever used.

  16. – I think your kicking Measure Map’s ass!

    You can add that to the list as well =P

    I just put up a small review of it on my site with some nice screenshots to go with it.

    So for those that haven’t registered yet but want a nice view of what it looks like inside metrics:
    See here

    *If it’s not wanted you can remove the link to my blog. But I just wanted to share some screenshots with visitors who haven’t registered yet.

  17. It’s great. It’s fantastic. I LOVE it! 😉 I never get an invitation for Google Analytics and now I don’t need it anymore. Thank you guys!

  18. I’ve been wanting Google Analytics for my blog, but your product is enough that I don’t think I’ll ever need Analytics. I just hope that you don’t get overwhelmed like Analytics did. Great job guys!

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