Now Tracking 5000 Blogs!

In one week, Performancing Metrics has become the Blogosphere’s largest blog specific, free statistics service. Not bad going for a beta eh?

We’ve had our ups and downs, but largely thanks to the excellent feedback we’re getting in the Metrics forums from you, we’re slowly ironing out all those little things that you just can’t see untill you have a lot of users on a system.

Coming Soon…

Shortly, we’ll be rolling out and announcing the following on Performancing Metrics:

  • Public Stats
  • Public API

Both are taking time to test before they hit production, but both are worth waiting for, trust me 🙂

Please do not post support requests or bug reports in this thread, use the Metrics FAQ first, then the forums.

Thanks for all the feedback folks, please help us spread the word!

7 thoughts on “Now Tracking 5000 Blogs!

  1. Even I’ve got performancing installed – I see great things ahead for you guys. Congrats!

  2. Seems we’re getting confused between PFF and Metrics

    Robert runs on, which does not curently allow access to templates, so cant use Metrics. Too bad…

  3. It is no doubt helped by Mr. Scoble’s recommedation, but you guys also have a geat product with enables fools like me to add a bit of code to their blog in EXACTLY the place it needs to go (serisouly, this is the first bit of code I have been able to do anything with!!).

    A lot of new “Web 2.0” ideas are touted as being too geeky for the general public to latch on to it, but a simple UI (great graphs/drop-downs etc.) as well as simple operation make to a pelasure to use!

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