MySpace Blog Editor Released!

After a huge effort on our lead Firefox dev, Jed’s part, and a great deal of discussion with some fantastic MySpace folks, we’re proud to finally announce the release of The MySpace Blog Editor, which you can download and install from Mozilla. There’s even a a great screencast to walk you through the install process.

As far as I’m aware, Performancing is the only blog editor to support MySpace.

The MySpace Editor REQUIRES Performancing Firefox 1.3, our open source, multi platform blog editor for Firefox.

Using the New Addons API in PFF

The new MySpace editor was built using the new addons api, and makes for a powerful demonstration of the extensibility of PFF in version 1.3

Let Us Know What You Think…

We hope you like this first public version of the MySpace addon for PFF, please let us know what you think so that we can continue to improve it!

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5 thoughts on “MySpace Blog Editor Released!

  1. where did the screencast go?

    I have performancing and the myspace blog editor. but when I try to set up my myspace blog as an account on performancing, it can’t do it. I’d love to see the screencast, but now that link just leads to a link to download performancing (which I already have)

    it looks like it went down… I wish that the screencast was still posted somewhere. Sounds like it’d be helpful…

  2. filmil.

    I have a “working” (posting) version now, just need to get the rest of it working (drafts, edit history, technorati, pings etc.) then I’ll have a private beta ready for those interested in testing it out (PM me if you are interested).
    I’m hoping to have it ready by Friday morning or late tomorrow.

    This first beta will probably have a separate “Blogger Beta” entry in the Account Wizard, with the ultimate goal being we will be able to auto-detect what version of blogger you are using for the final or second blogger beta beta

  3. Thumbs up for the new extension. Just for the info, anyone in the know when is the Blogger Beta-compatible edition of Performancing coming up?

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