My Final Word On Adjix

As we near the end of September, I figured it’s time to give you a status update on my usage of Adjix which I reviewed back in August. I also published an article which contained the CEO’s response to criticsm when the service launched. Since then, Adjix has added the ability to shorten a URL with no ads attached, essentially allowing you to use their service as a means of recieveing statistics regarding who clicked your links. Although I did not use Adjix exclusively due to the TinyURL FireFox extension making TinyURL creation so dog gone convenient, I did use it for a number of links. Lets see how much I earned.

Well, based on my usage, it will take forever to reach my first payout. Despite the number of impressions, it is worthy of noting that not all of those impressions were valid or payable as some of the impressions were caused by Google Spiders crawling the link on Twitter.

My conclusion is that using Ajix to monetize your Twitter usage is a pipe dream. Instead, I would use Adjix as a URL shrinking analytics service. Despite all the hell which was raised in the comments when I first profiled Adjix, I still don’t believe the company is filled with ill-will. In fact, once Adjix launched, a number of other services followed suit. When it is all said and done, I highly doubt that any individual will be able to monetize their use of Twitter let alone a company.

2 thoughts on “My Final Word On Adjix

  1. With 48 links myself, I too achieved a penny. That said, I could see some potential in this service as it evolves. I suspect the low pay is partially the result of a young ad network (ergo no arbitrage to raise prices). I’ll file this one in the ‘keep my eye on it’ and ‘dabble in it’ a bit. I can definitely see some potential in it when linking to sites such as say the New York Times. They certainly do not scratch my back in any way at all when I use them as a source verses 10 other news institutions with similar levels of credibility, so why not run those through this type of deal.

    With that in mind, if this were ever to potentially take off for some reason, I think this could definitely screw up Google in rather significant ways, by decreasing the number of links pointed at primary sources.

    For any of you disinformation anarchist rebels, this is definitely your tool! For the rest of us looking to run a good business on the internet, it may come around eventually.

  2. Jeff,

    Thanks for taking the time to follow up on Adjix – we greatly appreciate it.

    Your point about the Firefox extension is duly noted. Adjix has an open API for this type of interface and a plug-in for Firefox is on our To-Do list.

    Please note that Adjix’s payout will be on a similar scale as Google’s AdSense (except we pay for ad impressions which Google does not). Therefore, your link’s 122 clicks will not earn much revenue (even if all were valid). It’s the ad click-throughs that really earn money.

    Yesterday, we posted a sample of a random Adjix Linker who’s links have generated tens of thousands of valid impressions and ad click throughs:

    Linkers who generate this kind of traffic can obviously earn a substantial amount of money.


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