MovableType 3.3 – Bloggers Cry Foul

Unfortunately for SixApart the bigger news than their new software upgrade is how they announced it. How crazy is it that the first news about SixApart releasing a new version of MovableType was announced using a press release? How funny that this is now what people are focussing on rather than the product announcement itself!

SixApart Abandons Their Last Fans » Wisdump

Did you hear the big news that came out yesterday? SixApart released MovableType 3.3 and MovableType Enterprise and if you didn’t hear about it don’t be so surprised because I was only able to catch it on one site. The reason this might have been was because they didn’t do it through a blog entry, but through a Press Release. A Press Release…

Frankly I think most of us actually will not get too excited about this new update. I for one wouldn’t even consider MovableType now as a potential personal platform choice, WordPress and Drupal beat it hands down in too many areas. MT is now a “enterprise” product, squarely aimed at business and I think that is why the announcement was in a corporate friendly press release rather than a blogger friendly announcement. They have given up on bloggers as an audience.

New features announced are:

  • LDAP authentication

  • Oracle 10g database support

  • Cross-blog publishing and aggregation tools

  • Increased Administrator controls over customization of user interface

  • Activity feeds allowing administrators and authors to be automatically notified about blog activity

  • Integrated password reset capability

  • Administrator-level search features

  • Powerful anti-spam protection with solid feedback management tools

  • Compatibility with the existing range of Movable Type plugins, templates, and APIs

  • Customizable email integration

I bet you are getting all hot and sweaty about the LDAP support aren’t you? Go on, admit it! Oooh, Oracle 10g, just what you wanted! Heh.

Seriously though I expect there will be corporate IT departments sagely rubbing their chin stubble pondering this quite politely but for bloggers …. back to your previously scheduled programming, move along nothing to see here.

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6 thoughts on “MovableType 3.3 – Bloggers Cry Foul

  1. I have to admit it, I bought a corporate copy of MT a while ago and have been fairly happy with it since.

    However, I just found out about the upgrade yesterday and probably won’t be making the leap due to the half page upgrade instructions (enterprise version is significantly different than 3.2 as far a structure goes).

    I’m baffled at this point but I think my only option is to cough up the hundreds of dollars I paid SixApart years ago, dump their platform, and move over to something less… stupid.

  2. If I were managing a series of internal blogs in a business setting, I’d be relieved to hear LDAP support has finally arrived on the MT platform. And while I’ve not read the details, and improvement to spam amnagement is welcome.

    You’re right that MT seems to be headed toward life as an enterprise tool. I think Six Apart intends ist other products to meet the needs of personal users.

    As for me, I’ve just wrapped up my last MT blog. I’m moving to the Joomla CMS platform for most of my future projects. And if I wanted a traditional blog, it would certainly be WordPress. What a great community.

  3. I bet you are getting all hot and sweaty about the LDAP support aren’t you? Go on, admit it!

    Hehe, actually, yes! That’s the new feature that stands out to me….
    Just in the process of launching around 40 blogs, and one of the biggest time eaters in creating and adding all the users for it (that and sticking in all the ad codes).

  4. What can I say. As a corporate user aka intranet blogger I was waiting for a lot of these features. I am happy that they are developed and maybe we’ll get upgrade faster if the news is distributed in a corporate friendly manner.

    As for public, non-corporate bloggers.. I am sorry

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