Monetize With Performancing

Community is important to us at Performancing. Over the next few months we plan to roll out a number of new programs that enhance and give back to the Performancing community.

Earn $10 For Front Page Blog Posts

If we like your blog post enough to move it to the front page, you’ll earn $10. Each day, we’ll scour the entire set of Performancing blog posts and when we find posts that contain useful information, we’ll promote them to the front page. On the 1st of each month, we’ll pay users for the previous month.

AdSense Revenue Share

This is exciting. We’re sharing 70% of all AdSense revenue generated by your own content. This gives you a chance to utilize and leverage the strong Performancing platform to add an additional revenue stream for your online endeavors. Additionally, you earn 10% of all AdSense revenue generated by users that you refer to Performancing.

To setup AdSense sharing, go to “my account” in the right navigation menu. Then click “edit” followed by AdSense ID. Here you can enter your own AdSense ID.

To refer users to Performancing, go to “my account” and scroll down to “Your referral link” – if a new user uses this link to sign-up at Performancing, you’ll receive 10% of AdSense Revenue generated by the user’s own content.

Theme Contests

Details are forthcoming, but we will be holding regular WordPress and Drupal theme contests with substantial cash prizes. Stay tuned!

Plugin/Module Contests

As with our theme contests, we’ll be offering substantial cash prizes for plugins developed for Firefox and WordPess, as well modules developed for Drupal. Contest winners will include not only the developers, but also those who provide the concepts/ideas which we get implemented.

11 thoughts on “Monetize With Performancing

  1. @Garri: I don’t remember you being so bitter. I’m sorry that you are, and I’m trying extra hard on my end, as are others here, to make Performancing worthwhile for you and others. Why the founders of Perf sold is not at all what you’re saying, as far as I know. But that’s neither here nor there. They sold and that’s that. I do know that the new crew are a good bunch and they’re trying very hard.

    Why don’t you contribute a few pieces? You’ve been around Perf pretty much as long as I have, and maybe you can set the tone you want. Nick had attitude, yes, but he’s one in a million. Chris had his own persona, too. But you can’t expect the current writers to just pick up and be like them. Performancing is about being your best as a blogger, as yourself. At least the way I interpret it.

    But I can see you feel strongly about things because I do remember you as being passionate about this community. If you feel like suggesting a few ideas, you can either do so here or PM me.

  2. Great that you’re using Clicky. We’ll be releasing some fun plugins and widgets that are interoperable between the two systems.

  3. … shut the b@stard down and get your act together, relaunch PF with a clear and cohesive strategy.

    You’ve launched the blog jobs but I wonder how long that will last before it’s ditched. Personally I liked PF the way it was at the start – it was compelling due to the personality of the dudes who started it. But they couldn’t make it work.

    The latest sorry saga with Metrics has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, particularly those who parted with cash a year up front to use it then see it get dumped. Incidentally, I’m now using Clicky itself and so far no probs with it (should’ve signed up with them in first place and saved myself time)

  4. If Performancing were *exactly* what you wanted it to be, how would things look. I already know your thoughts on AdSense and Nick Wilson, but on a positive functional level, what would you like to see Performancing become? We’re in ultra-development stage right now and totally ready to act on suggestions.

  5. Garri,
    Thanks for your feedback. I suppose the only way to reply is through action, not words. Hopefully you’re open minded enough to let us change your mind moving forward.

  6. When I first started using Performancing at end of 2005 under name of shotoshi, it was great. Nick and Chris both had personality and through Nick especially it had an edge, attitude. I miss that.

    It seems though that Performancing still can’t get it right, which is possibly why Nick et al bailed out.

    Failed projects such as Metrics 1.0 and Metrics 2.0. Failed ad system, bold move in first place but failed. Instead we have the drossy Adsense and the ‘great idea’ of allowing contributors to earn 70% (whoopee doo!). We even get people saying they’ll post more often because of this ‘incentive’ (yawn!)

    Themes is looking like a good idea though.

    Personally I think this site is in a muddle as evidenced by the short comings of the new metrics system.

  7. Point taken, Brett. As for my recent multiple-blogs-under-one-domain post (Part 2 coming up! :P), it is indeed a subset topic of Ryan’s post, which covers many services on one domain, but more specific on personal-niche blogs. I do missed out on your comment (please accept my apologies), which I’m betting would be very helpful to those wanting to try out Ryan’s advice.

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions. As you yourself said, the new models are great ideas, and discussions like this would go a long way in straightening out the kinks. As I mentioned to Liz Strauss in an email, these are exciting times for Performancing 😉

  8. One of the great things about Performancing was it DIDN’T display Adsense! Amazingly naff, tired, boring, lazy and stupid. I’m sure to get shot down by the Adsense fanboys 😉

  9. This is a great idea Ryan and ties in nicely with your last blog article as well.

    Your How to squeeze more income out of your blog article and Phillip’s recent article Strenthening your home domain with subdomains Part 1 however both appear to cover about the same topic.

    Two devils advocate questions (as everyone groans because I’m questioning a blog for money deal when I should take the money and run . . .)

    1. What’s to prevent people from taking what could have been a comment reply (such as the comment I left on your article) and post that instead as an individual blog article? Phillips article could have easily tied into yours and been a comment instead of an article. [I’m not criticizing Phillip as there’s nothing wrong with a separate article, but when you mix in money for hitting the front page, there’s no motivation to comment for those of us that have a third eye implanted in our forehead chasing green backs floating through the air.)

    2. You don’t want this to degenerate to a MyLot experience (if anyone wants my MyLot referral link send me an email 😉 -> That is sort of a joke, but seriously just email me), but would it make sense to tie in the Performancing point system. Maybe jack up the points for someone that hits the front page (and run the adsense rotator). So If I blog something that is worth say 5 points and if I comment that is worth 2 points, but if my blog article hits the front page, that’s worth 200 points and 250 points is worth $10 or something . . . .

    I’m in part throwing this out there for a discussion so that we can talk about it as I do like models like you have suggested. Part of me hopes that you will ignore my devil’s advocate comments and just keep things simple.

  10. simply great ideas! I’ll give a go at it, and start writing more posts on here 😉

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