MBA Introduces Blogging Insurance Program

BlogWorldExpo may be over with however, the event has left us with plenty to talk about. One of those things is something called “Bloggers Insurance“. The Media Bloggers Association has announced that they have launched a comprehensive program that will provide bloggers access to the same sort of legal and financial resources that have been available to traditional media.

Bloggers under this plan would gain access to BlogInsure which is a liability insurance program for bloggers that provides coverage for all forms of defamation, invasion of privacy and copyright infringement or similar allegations arising out of blogging activities. A major part of this insurance program is an online Media Law course that has been developed by the MBA along with David Ardia of the Citizen Media Law Project.

There is great news for those of you interested in this course. According to the MBA press release, the course will be made available to all bloggers free of charge. Although the course plays a major role in the membership to the MBA, bloggers are not required to join the MBA solely to take the course.

After completing the exam, bloggers will be asked to take a course assessment; this exam is a prerequisite for individuals interested in joining the Media Bloggers Association so those wishing to join must opt to report their test scores to the MBA. It is also the basis for the significant discount on liability insurance available to bloggers through the BlogInsure program.

You can read the entire press release HERE which provides all of the information you’ll need regarding the insurance program.

Considering that everyday, bloggers are threatened with lawsuits or subpoenas, I think this move to provide a way for bloggers to be insured and have some sort of liability coverage is great. Traditional media has had access to these types of services for a number of years so it is refreshing to see bloggers beginning to receive the same treatment.

What are your thoughts on a blogging insurance program? Do you think such a program is really needed? Will you be joining the MBA to gain access to this program?

As for myself, I think I’ll go ahead and take the course to see what I can learn. Law is not my strong point.

3 thoughts on “MBA Introduces Blogging Insurance Program

  1. Wow, so it looks like there are more than one entity trying to establish an insurance/health care program for bloggers. I guess blogging is seriously mainstream and not just a hobby sport anymore?

    By the way, I am subscribed to the blogger and podcaster magazine blog and they don’t update it very often 🙁

  2. I found this to be a great addition. I enjoyed speaking with Mr. Dodell at the show also. I have looked into purchasing an umbrella policy for similar reasons through my local agent, but always felt that a specialist might be a better fit, and with a larger basket of people covered, it could result in better rates.

    I’d also point out that Blogger and Podcaster Magazine (disclosure I do not work with them, but did co-exhibit at their booth on Saturday) is working to provide health insurance programs for Bloggers as well. Might not be necessary for bloggers in Canada or the UK, but could be useful in the US. I do not have a time as to when this program may launch.

  3. I think this is a great idea. Why shouldn’t us full time bloggers get the same insurance as other media buff. Blogging is becoming more mainstream now and I can see why they would release this insurance. This is a great idea and I believe they will get loads of business from the bigger bloggers out there…
    Did you love blog world expo?

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