Making Money With pMetrics

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be highlighting simple ways to make money with pMetrics.

Today I want to focus on what I see as the killer pMetrics feature: Spy – a live view of visitors interacting with your web site. For a live demo of Spy, click here.

Basically, Spy is a real-time ticker that displays live traffic at your website. The most recent traffic actions are listed at the top. The Spy function gives you a picture of overall traffic density along with your most popular pages and referrals.

So how can you use Spy to make money? It’s easy.

Spy Monetization #1

Track your popular content and reinforce it with supporting articles on similar but slight variations on the theme. This gives you a birds-eye view on exactly what your visitors’ are looking for.

Spy Monetization #2

Track your Digg and Reddit campaigns, learn what works, and duplicate it. The key to any Digg or Reddit campaign is coming up with a good, provocative headline. Learn which headlines work and which don’t by tracking them in Spy. Today more than ever, a successful website launch depends on good digg and reddit campaigns.

Spy Monetization #3

Track your visitors’ navigation after they land on your site. Let’s assume that the majority of people come to your site from Google. Ok. Once they land on your popular content, where do they go? Spy let’s you monitor the natural route that visitor’s take, and gives you the information you need to re-engineer your site’s navigational structure to make your site more sticky and funnel visitors exactly where you want them to go. As you make subtle changes, you can see whether they have the intended effect…in real-time.

Spy Monetization #4

Capture search trends in real-time and jump all over them. Is there a search that suddenly becomes popular? Spy will reveal this as it happens, and allow you to get a head start on your competition as you build out variations on the search phrase. This will help you grab the long-tail on popular content more quickly and efficiently than tracking your raw-logs in AWStats or Webalyzer. Reverse engineering search has always been important, but Spy makes let’s you stay ahead of the curve.

Ok. So what do these 4 techniques have to do with monetization? Well, they give you the competitive edge you need to build out a great site, draw in traffic, engineer navigation to maximize traffic and ultimately funnel more visitors towards your “money” pages.

So what are you waiting for? For an investment as low as $2.99 per month, you could see a return of hundreds of dollars per month just by using pMetrics to methodically beat out the competition.

2 thoughts on “Making Money With pMetrics

  1. Just a thought on #3:

    Taking Ryan’s example further, by tracking visitor behavior you can test layout changes in real-time and see whether layout A or layout B delivers better ad clicks or deeper pageviews.

  2. Technique #1 is very powerful. You may be surprised at which article on your blog is most popular. On one of my sites, for example, it seems to be RFID + NFC, even though most of the site is about VoIP, telephony, Web 2.0, search engines and general technology. On another site about bleeding edge RFID and nanotechnology, I get a ton of Google Image search visitors for 40+ images of fractals and ‘chaos’ that I created and posted. Surprising results, though I haven’t put any time into understanding why.

    If you check what topics your site is getting the most searches for, but are ignoring them, you could be missing many opportunities to acquire new subscribers. Not only should you post newer articles on those search terms (and variations and synonyms), take the opportunity to deep-link from the new posts to at least two of the older posts on the same topic. That’ll help you build authority for those terms. Make sure you use keyword-rich anchor text when you deep-link.

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