Liz Strauss Presentation From BlogWorldExpo

Liz Strauss, the wonderful blogger who heads up has released her presentation to the public through Slideshare. The gist of the presentation showcases how Alexander The Great would use statistical analysis to inform an online business. The presentation is best viewed in full screen mode.

Slides 11 through 22 really resonate with me as it all makes perfect sense. Within these slides, you can see how Alexander would really formulate his plan from the objective all the way to the implementation. I think Liz did a great job showcasing those who UNDERSTAND. For example, GearGurus who know their customers ( DuckStars who know their readers/fans (Matt Mullenweg, SEOBook). Last but not least, InfoPasses that serve Buzz Snackers (Lifehacker, Icanhascheezeburger). Which one would you consider yourself, InfoPasser, DuckStar or a GearGuru? (Hopefully, Liz hasn’t trademarked those terms!)

2 thoughts on “Liz Strauss Presentation From BlogWorldExpo

  1. I know what you mean, I’ll try to dig around and see if I can find at a video or at least a clip of the presentation. It would be nice to hear what Liz had to say as she went through each slide.

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