is a Job Well Done

It’s difficult not to notice that MSN have finally put out in public and Search follks are already kicking the tyres plenty aswell.

I can’t help rooting for MS on — it’s a pretty neat service and it “feels right” from an interface point of view — there was a time when supporting MS was tantamount to devil worship but with GOOG looking more and more like the old MS as every day goes by that’s simply not true anymore, at least where Search is concerned.

MS the underdog, who’d a thunk it?

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3 thoughts on “ is a Job Well Done

  1. one mans search engine is another mans email client?

    I was talking about their Search, but points well made guys — it’s no longer just about Search is it?

  2. I tried with yahoo mail beta and live mail beta…Y mail beta is much bettter then live mail. loading time is far more less then of google..i think images are the problem. results are bit clean as well.

  3. While I really like’s design, I can’t help but notice the widgets and the content is not as good as what I’m able to get at

    Am I missing something?

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