List of Top Blogging Productivity Tools

There are certain tools and services that I use most days that I just couldn’t do without. Some of them help in big ways, others small but all of them help with productivity. Here’s ten fantastic links to give any bloggers day a boost.

As with the great Firefox Extensions discussion see this as a discussion starter, I want your suggestions too. Please do suggest any I have missed?

  1. FF + Extensions – I have said it before but it’s worth repeating, Firefox did the world a favour when they made it so easy to extend the software! Firefox and the extensions I have installed probably help my productivity than any other tool.
  2. Tadalists – This list service from 37Signals is a great boon for brainstorming either alone or with a colleague or friend. Because it is web based you can start a list and keep adding to it from wherever you are, or share it and collaborate. This list of tools was generated between me and Nick using Tadalists!
  3. BugMeNot – Ever clicked a really interesting link only to find the destination site requires registering personal details before you can even read anything? This service will cough up user access codes to let you in. Obviously once you have found you do like the site in question I would recommend you go through the registration process, it is only fair.
  4. bookmarklets – Where would we be without the Del.ici.ous, Technorati, myweb2.0 and bloglines bookmarklets? I put much of the success of these services down to the ease of use that bookmarklets afford.
  5. Feedshake – This service will take multiple feeds and make one feed for you. I only just discovered it recently but I can see it being very valuable, I can for instance put all my “fun time waster” feeds into one and reduce my feedreader folders by about a third.
  6. – Rather than search around many different sites, try first. Put in your search phrase and lots of different services are queried all at once.
  7. – another news aggregator, supplies news as a feed or email.
  8. memeorandum – If you are into tech in a big way then this is for you. Memeorandum gathers all the tech news and blog discussions and serves them all up on one feed for you to digest.
  9. – For research and for mining other blogs you just have to use The traffic is good too!
  10. basecamp – This is a tool for project management but here at Performancing we find it a boon for organising the many threads of our PPWD as Nick likes to call it. Anyone who is trying to get a multiblog or blog network off the ground would do well to check it out.

There is my list as a start, which tools or services make your blogging life that little bit easier?

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