Learn To Blow Your Horn

Self-Promotion is something most of us are uncomfortable with – and it’s not just the prospect of ‘selling’ that turns us off, in reality its insecurity (cleverly dressed as modesty) that holds us back.

Whether by nature or by society, we are programmed to sell ourselves short. A few months back I was talking to an old college friend and we started talking about careers. In retrospect, his current job was nowhere near as interesting or lucrative as what I’m doing now as a blogger, but when we talked about it, he was confident to the point that I envied him at the spot and felt slightly foolish mumbling something about owning a football news blog and being a online marketing / blogging consultant.

That incident has stuck with me since then, and while I’ve stopped selling myself short I’ve realised that it not only does it pay to show initiative, it pays in spades to talk yourself up as the best thing since sliced bread. It’s not just an exercise in making your name known or speaking up – if you can do it with confidence without coming off as arrogant, it is the most powerful advertising technique directly available to you (referrals and endorsements are better, but first impressions and the actual sales pitch matter a lot).

As a blogger – whether you want to promote your own services or you’re promoting your blog – you have to learn to blow your own horn. No one else will be doing that for you, so celebrate your success (small or big), talk up your achievements and put yourself firmly in the minds of your readers (and anyone else who wants to listen).

One thought on “Learn To Blow Your Horn

  1. We were taught modesty in our talents and strengths growing up. You might be really good at something, but it was rude and a bit anti-social to talk about how good you were. As an entrepreneur, you are the only person to pass on your strengths. Without you blowing your own horn, no one will ever hear it. This is good advice for everyone to learn, entrepreneur or not.

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