Keyword Research Is Key To SERP Domination

Brian Clark over at Copyblogger beat me to the punch. He wrote the ultimate guide to doing keyword research for your niche. It’s long, but well worth the read.

So why would a blogger care about keyword research? Basically, by knowing what people are searching for, and by knowing how to attract new readers through search, your blog can have a much bigger impact, much more quickly.

Keyword research also helps you to create structure for your blog. If you know the most popular topics that people are interested within your own niche, you can focus most of your content in that direction.

Keyword research is all about giving your readers what they want, so make sure to read Brian’s article for a great introductory tutorial.

3 thoughts on “Keyword Research Is Key To SERP Domination

  1. Just scanned the five parts and Ryans recommendation is a good one. Sent the start page to for future usage.

  2. Ryan, this is something you’ve been “preaching” for quite some time. I know i should do more of it (i used to), but time is fleeting…

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