Jump Start Your Traffic With Paid Ads

Most of the talk about blog advertising seems to be from the side of seller. But have you ever thought of the other side? Have you thought of buying advertising to promote your blog?

If you understand the value of time, then buying advertising may not be such a bad idea.

Let’s face it. To increase your traffic especially for new bloggers, you need to spend a lot of time and effort. But if you buy advertising strategically, you could save yourself some time. You could then use that time to focus on creating quality content instead of traffic building.

Here are two common ways to drive traffic through paid advertising.

1. AdWords

Let’s do some clarifying. AdSense is for the publisher while AdWords is for the advertiser.

With AdWords, you can target certain keywords and have your ad show up on Google’s search engine.

However, did you know that you can target specific sites? Let’s say you find a blog that totally relates to your blog. You’re pretty sure the readers would also like your blog. If that blog is running AdSense, you should start an AdWords campaign on that blog.

2. Blog Ad Networks

Blogs are great distribution points for promoting your site. Ad networks like PerformancingAds and Blogads are great places to find blogs for your ads. Yes, you should email bloggers directly, but the advantage of buying ads is that you keep your blog in front of readers for a longer period of time.

For example, a blogger may write a post about your blog. However, after some time, that post will leave the front page. On the other hand, you can buy an ad on the front page and above the fold. This ad will expose your blog to a higher number of readers than just one blog post.

Don’t Just Advertise Your Front Page

You might get more bang for your buck if you advertise specific pages on your blog.

Of course, you can point to your product page if you have a product.

Also, try advertising your best content. Many people will not subscribe to a blog unless they read exceptional content. Just remember to put a call to action for them to subscribe at the end of the content.

If you’re building an email list, you can advertise a free offer (like an ebook) in exchange for their email address. Old school internet marketers have been using this technique for years to build their big email lists.


Have you ever bought advertising? How did it work out for you?

3 thoughts on “Jump Start Your Traffic With Paid Ads

  1. How ’bout Facebook? I plan to use them for my love campaign, since it’s so easy to target female demographics between the ages of 23-30 living in my state. All I have to do is draw up a landing page for why I am the studliest studmeistery stud a girl could ever meet and I’m set.

    I just need an advertising budget. =D

  2. I have thought about purchasing advertising a number of different times but I have never been able to pull the trigger. I always think that just creating a kick ass article will serve me better than spending money.

  3. You bring out some great points, the content has to be Super to keep them coming back, but without the call to action, the Super content is a waste, good point. thanks.

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