It pays to blog – What a well placed post can earn you…

Do you remember my small article about the mini-tripod Gorillapod? Yesterday in an update I wrote that I have created a Flickr group called .

One of the announcements I made was to send an email to , the manufacturer, to show off my links. The reaction was lightning fast; 10% off all products until the end of 2006!

Wow! What a fast reaction of the Gorillapod manufacturer Joby because of the creation of the Flickr group. Melissa Burns from Joby shot this email at me:

“I have looked through your articles and websites on the Gorillapod. You have a lot of rich content and wonderful photos. I especially enjoyed the Gorillapod Love Flickr group. In honor of this group, we have created a special Coupon Code for you and your online friends called “GorillapodLOVE”. If you enter that code (all one word, no quotes) into the Coupon Code field on the checkout screen, you and your friends will receive 10% off on all Joby products until the end of this year. Please feel free to advertise this on your sites!”

Remember to send mails when setting links: 10 Tips for More Blog Traffic

If linking to somebody always send them an email about your new link and how to find the link. If it fits your niche always ask them to actively inform you by mail if they have something interesting for you to blog about. That way you will build up your network.

Even with 10% off Joby will make a nice profit on this little high quality plastic gadget. But somebody at Joby did for sure read something about viral marketing and the power of blogs 🙂

Did you have similar experiences?

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10 thoughts on “It pays to blog – What a well placed post can earn you…

  1. > Someone just posted an update for 2008

    I did. I am the admin at Gorillapod Love

  2. Someone just posted an update for 2008 and I wanted to say that yes, indeed, the discount comes up as 15%! I was at the store today and I saw a knock-off brand (Targus), and although it looked similar, when I took it out of the package, the build quality wasn’t the same. For example, in all the packages on the shelf I could see little “burrs” on the plastic portion of the tripod. I own each of the Gorillapods, but had to order a new “original” one as I gave my original-original to a photographer friend of mine. Now I’m super happy because I’ve made room for a Blue-colored original-sized pod. How sweet? Anyway…just wanted to confirm that this deal still works and is better than before.

  3. Joby offers 15% on all products until the end of 2008

    “We have extended the coupon code “GorillapodLOVE” on through 2008 on all Gorillapod products, and we will be increasing the discount to 15%.”

    Source: Email from Joby

  4. OK shotoshi, let’s start a new thread if you feel ready for the official announcement. Let’s keep the thread close to the original subject 🙂

  5. Markus, it’s actually a customed built plugin to generate clouds for TXP’s native categories. The plugin you refer to has certain limitations. In fact, I’m increasingly finding many limitations/oversights in many of the plugins I’ve been evaluating for TXP.

    Good idea for the design builder and I’m sure that is something that will be created soon enough.

  6. @Raj: Should I?

    A 7/24 freelancer is not supposed to sleep. I think the sleep has to happen where the slash is located. Or on the slash (but which side?).

    Tomorrow I won’t bother you. I have a hard best boy day to manage. And this weekend is family weekend. I don’t know when to catch up with the lost 7/24 time.

    That might be a reason why a PMetrics day has 23 hours. That way you can catch up one hour every day 🙂

  7. Good work, Markus. I guess Melissa Burns is one of those enlightened individuals who understands the value of online promotion. Hopefully other bloggers will get some inspiration from your results. [By the way, do you ever sleep :?]

  8. @Chris: I believe that it is always worth to promote every single article the same way like I/You would do it for a whole website. It is definitely something your advertising clients expect from you if you plan to sell individual ads.

    And I am always trying to prove that side-kick 2.0 theory 🙂

    Posting frequency is not the only thing that matters.

    @shotoshi: I am very successfully using the tru_tags plugin. Tell me about the differences.

    There is a very urgently needed tool for Textpattern. Some kind of design builder which supports installed plugins and all used tags. Can you imagine what I am talking about?

  9. As Always, excellent advice Markus, thank you! 😉

    By the way, I’m nearly ready to tell you about that tag cloud plugin for TXP ;-))
    Working hard to get my project to an acceptable launch phase.

  10. Good advice and nice result Markus. I am usually so concentrated on getting out my content I never think to inform the people I am blogging about. Nice one!

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