Improving WordPress Navigation

John Pratt recently published a guest post on entitled, 10 ways to improve the navigation within WordPress. Some of the tips include: Adding breadcrumbs, bold pagination on single pages, multi paged navigation, and related posts. The list even includes links to plugins which you can use to put some of the tips in action.

On my own WordPress blog, I am using tips 2, variation of 3, 4, and 6. Have you worked on improving your WordPress blog navigation lately?

Don’t forget about the Exclude Pages plugin as that can help you improve navigation as well.

6 thoughts on “Improving WordPress Navigation

  1. i like to offer as many ways of navigation as possible. These are all great to have included on any website. This is a good resource list of plugins that I have been looking for as well.


  2. thanks for the really helped me a lot.. I am still new at wordpress and its great that your link has showing me more important tip in improving navigation. great post!


  3. I agree. I’ve always had the mindset of user first, Google later and to be honest, it’s a mindset that has been proven to work time and time again sometimes, even better than concentrating on search engines alone.

  4. I am of the firm faith about google advice “dont make the site for google – make it for user”
    All the enhancements that we have seen in recent times – specially web 2.0 are towards that, make the user experience richer, and you will get the benefits.
    The methods listed here are towards that end, good article.

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