IE7 – No Firefox Killer

Despite liberal amounts of brainwashing from Nick, my new found love for all things Drupal / LAMP and the small part I have played in the life of a Firefox extension, I still wanted IE 7 to be a great web browser. Microsoft has a special place in my heart, I am still a fan and proud to be an MVP, plus competition is good, innovation requires credible choices. I wanted IE 7 to blow me away, instead it blew itself up.

I have been monitoring progress for a while, this version was supposedly the most solid yet. Not on my system it wasn’t. If you want to try it out for yourself, check out the beta 3.

In theory there is a lot going for it, tabbed browsing, more secure, RSS, it still has a lot of promise if they can get it to work reliably for all users. Is it potentially a Firefox killer? Nope. There is nothing here that isn’t already in the FF base install or available as an extension. And of course, our essential extension is not available for IE!

Once you have had enough of the beta you can uninstall it by following these instructions from TechEnclave

start->control panel->add remove programs->at the top check “show updates” radio box->scroll down in the list->you will see IE7 listed, uninstall that, restart and you are on IE6

Microsoft is still a great company that does some wonderful things, it is so strange to me that they can’t get their browser right. Please Microsoft get your act together! Let’s see some stability, great security record, resistance to malicious code and full-on standards compliance. Come back to leadership position and show the world you are still a contender.

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8 thoughts on “IE7 – No Firefox Killer

  1. The uninteresting thing though, is the inability to support anything lower than Win 2003 Server 🙁

    Makes me want to cry me a river.

    I am using a Win2k at work. Quite robust. But incompatible with IE7.

    About the CSS2. MS always set its own standards. Rather, it has always been shrewd enough to draw up slightly new standards so that people think, Heck, that’s just a few tweaks away and so you have the world conforming to the new standard – which means you *have* a new standard.

    IE7 is setting a trail of its own. I wouldn’t be surprised if FF actually comes up with features that duplicate IE7 in the near future. The browser wars are really heating up and I expect carnage. 😀


  2. Fixed, though why we’re discussing a very minor edit rather than the article is quite beyond me….

    The most interesting thing i hear about IE7 is the Feeds support, and im all for what i hear. But the last time i read anything in-depth about it (never tried it, dont have windows) i found out that they still aren’t going to comply with the CSS2.1 spec (not enough anyway) and I think that’s just downright shit.

  3. Uh, I think you’ve got your critical faculties turned off. Microsoft is a pathological bunch of imitators who can’t seem to come up with anything that works unless someone does it for them. Sorry.

  4. Thanks to geeksaresexy for pointing out I mean when you have had enough you can *un*install the software – oops

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