How To Participate In Perfcast Live

Our first episode of Perfcast will be airing Live tonight at 7 P.M. EST. Here are a few ways in which you can participate in the show.


There are two different clients provided by Talkshoe, the web client and the Talkshoe Pro client. The web client is accessed via a browser window or a tab and acts like an IRC channel. The text scrolls from the bottom to the top and the users who are in the chat room appear in a column on the right hand side. The call in information is presented in the bottom part of the window.

You can also chat by using Talkeshoe Pro but before you can use their software, you’ll have to install it. This is the way I access Perfcast and any other show on Talkshoe that I participate in. The interface provides a means of color coding the chat so you can follow multiple conversations at once. The client can sometimes be a bit laggy when compared to the web client but I think the pro client has a much better interface. The pro client also gives you access to something called ShoePhone which is Talkshoes built in SIP client. I don’t recommend using it because it produces bad audio quality but if you can’t call in through a different method, this will work.

Calling In:

You can call into the show a few different ways. The first way is by using a cellphone, landline or SkypeOut and dialing (724)444-74444. The talkshoe prompt will welcome you to Talkshoe and asks you for the Talkcast ID number. The ID number for Perfcast is, 24073. After you type in the number, hit the # sign. For some of you, you’ll need to enter in your PIN. Your PIN number is usually your phone number or whatever number you assigned during the account creation process. If you don’t have a PIN Number, you can still dial in as an anonymous user.

When you call into the show, you will automatically be muted. If you are calling in to discuss a particular news topic or have something to say, please press *8as this will initiate the Request To Talk feature which the host of the show will see. When you hear Talkshoe tell you that you have been unmuted, that means you are on the air.

Be sure to head on over to the Perfcast Talkshoe Page at 6:45 P.M. EST as that is when you’ll be able to enter the room.