How Open Are You To Change?

You see it all the time. A blog is sold; regular readers comment that they’re unsubscribing from the feed. A site redesigns; people are confused about the new layout. A software developer gives an application new features; people complain that they cannot use the program like before. A blog network changes pay structures; a lot fear that they will earn less (though they could potentially earn more).

Change is everywhere. Change is inevitable. The question is, how open are you to change?

There are slow changes, in which things evolve over time. The web as we know it used to be so different a decade ago. People tried to impose structure, with directories and lists, whereas now we mostly browse by doing searches. Designers built sites with structure and content in one place only, whereas now that is increasingly changing, with structure being stored in one place, while content in another. Blogs used to be the norm for doing short shout-outs about your activities or thoughts for the day. Nowadays, “what are you doing right now?” belongs to microblogging services, or at least that’s how I think it should be.

Then there are quick changes. Or changes that take time to iron out, but only get public at an instant, and everyone talks about it. Company X gets bought by Comapny Y (or perhaps company G for that matter). Company A launches Product I, or perhaps version two: faster, thinner, lighter, more packed with features. It’s so fast you don’t have time to blink. You only have time to take awe at how fast things can change (and perhaps how fast your wallet gets drained).

Whatever happens, change is good. Not that any kind of change is all for the better, but the fact that we do not live in a static world is what’s good about it. There’s always room for improvement; always room to be better. There’s always chance to do things right if at first you don’t succeed.

And so folks, I leave you with a note that we will see some changes here on this space. Some quick. Some evolving. But always exciting. What those would be, you could venture a guess (feel free to comment). But we will all learn about it soon enough.

8 thoughts on “How Open Are You To Change?

  1. It can be said that Everybody Welcomes change if its good. Changes make the monotonous life exciting. So find a change to make your boring life full of enthusiasm.

  2. I think gradual change is the best method. You don’t want to do anything too drastic. Gradually making positive changes is the best way to go.

  3. that would be a very exciting thing to find out. everyone is hoping for a good change of course.. in the internet world everything changes and sometimes evolving. we will just wait for the cool changes.

  4. Without it, things get boring in a hurry. I don’t know what’s on the agenda with respect around here, but I’m game to find out.

    Absent change and experimentation, there is no innovation. Change is a positive force, even if individual changes create occasional inconveniences. Those who can remember BBSs, Gopher, and the pre-search web can attest to the value of change.

    If you think you have something better than what you have now…
    Go for it.

  5. like barrack obama says, ‘time for a change’. haha… im only open to change when such changes make things better, and a lot of times that is not the case.

  6. i guess it all depends on the change; if its going to improve or be of more benefit, than yeah im going to want and support it. if not, then i obviously won’t want it. change is only really good if it improves something :/ it is kind of funny how older people tend to dislike change, because they are already used to something. Like i know old people who will only write out checks and refuse to use any plastic, even though it will make their lives easier.

  7. Hahaha . . . as I was reading, I was thinking to myself “hmmm, what kind of changes will we be seeing on this blog?” Well, although you did not divulge what the changes would be, lo’ and behold, there will be changes here! I hope that you do not have too much fear for losing subscribers and such! Best of luck on the changes, and Happy Halloween!

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