How Do You Manage Your Bloggers?

How do you manage your bloggers? Does the network run under a ‘produce or your gone‘ mentality or do you allow your bloggers to be free and open? Perhaps you pay your bloggers per word?

I don’t manage a blog but if I did, I would hire writers who were passionate about the content that will be published onto the blog. Common sense right? Thankfully, I’ve landed a job writing for Performancing where there is no quota. I’m given a set of priorities and a suggested set of topics to write about. As a blogger, I take it from there. Because there is no quota, I don’t have to worry about publishing poor content just to get something published. I can take my time which allows me to do my research, create longer posts, and produce something of much higher quality which will end up providing more traffic.

I’ve been reading up on some of the most successful bloggers around and they all have a few things in common. One of them happens to be the fact that they let their writers do what they have to do just as long as they produce results. I think that is a great way to go about managing your writers. Not only does this take some of the stress off of the writer, but it also gives the writer a chance to write at their leisure which usually produces better results than by giving them a deadline.

So the question is, how do you manage your writers? Do you impose strict guidelines? Are you only concerned with obtaining results without caring how they are achieved? If you have a tip, suggestion or comment on the best way to manage writers or even guest posters on your blog, be sure to share it with us in the comments.

8 thoughts on “How Do You Manage Your Bloggers?

  1. I only have two small blogs. The second of these is a former static sites recently overhauled to a WordPress site to try and build some interactivity.

    I approached my small group of advertisers inviting them to contribute guest posts on topics in which they are expert and recently one just ran with it and has asked me about writing more articles for that site, which features our community and things to do here.

    Of course, her banner ad gets an extra placement on any of the articles she contributes, and she gets links back to her biz site within the post and in the credits.

    Should I do more to cultivate her as a writer on MY blog when she has her own biz to think about?

  2. So far we have got really good articles only. Most bloggers are either having a day job or doing their education. So, we can’t count on churning out tens of posts everyday. All we want is quality – even if it is a single post a week.
    Infact one of the cofounders and administrator for a blog wasn’t able to blog for about a week, so I am taking care of his blog too.
    I hope our plan for the blog network by bringing in anyone to blog would solve the problem of a single blogger ignoring the blog (due to blogger’s block).
    Anyway, if anyone wants to blog in Blogial Network, please register in the site and mail me cnu [AT} blogial (dot] com

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  3. I make sure grammar errors like “produce or your gone” don’t get into my site Sorry – couldn’t resist.

    When managing my writers, I:
    -pay per article
    -pay based on site revenue
    -do have a quota – 3 articles per month
    -allow them to write about anything they want, if on-topic

    It’s worked out well for the last 2 years or so.

  4. Great to hear. I’m glad some of those who are in a position to manage are not yanking on the chains attached to their bloggers. I think your strategy will work out in the head as it provides the blogger with the ability to focus on the content, not on a quota.

  5. Nice! Has this strategy worked out for your network thus far? Any complaints from your bloggers?

  6. you then proceed to set up in a basement below a house, office or retail space. The important thing is that your gimp box, must be placed in a basement. Basements just have that cool feeling slightly damp air feel that keeps gimps primed for action.

    Actually, I do just about whatever I can to enable them to work as naturally as they would under circumstances of their own choosing. I pay per article not per word. I use Google docs to help coordinate what is being done and what needs to be done.

  7. We are a very new blog network (Blogial Network) and we don’t have any strict quotas for our bloggers. Primarily our network is open to anyone who wants to write something about things they are passionate about.

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