11 thoughts on “How do you get the word out about great content? What’s your primary form of online marketing?

  1. i voted etting to know people who run blogs in my niche and IMing them, i think this would prob thebest way to do it…

  2. If it’s a solid post, i always submit it to SU, then send to my SU friends.

    I will then submit to niche social sites like Hugg and Sk-rt. Followed by Twitter.

  3. StumbleUpon is my most successful at bringing in the raw traffic, surprised it’s not mentioned since it has become very popular with bloggers. If there’s one thing I’ve found with SU, though, the days when a stumble got you 30 visitors are long gone, and they were never that valuable visitors anyway. So I went with the last one, getting to know people by commenting on their blogs, which often turns into a google talk discussion. I still use StumbleUpon to find the good blogs to interact with, though, because it is great for this purpose.

  4. I’ll search for posts on similar topics and comment on them. Twitter is also a great resource as well; I use Twitter tools to tweet automatically.


  5. I’ll Twitter it. For my own blogs I don’t do a whole lot. I’ll post the link on Twitter maybe. For blogs I do for others, I’ll do what’s requested – usually submit to Digg or Stumble Upon.

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