How Do You Get Others To Promote You?

Following Seth Godin’s lead, Dee Barizo suggests that the most effective promotion is the promotion of others. He then proceeds to suggest three ingredients that will get others to promote you: great content, networking and time.

Personally, I think he nailed the trifecta. But it’s one thing to talk about these three things, it’s a completely different ballgame to execute strategies. So I thought it would be good to brainstorm some ideas in the comment section.

What do you think? What are some of the most effective ways to let others get your name/business/services out there?

11 thoughts on “How Do You Get Others To Promote You?

  1. Basically, I befriend people. I promote them, in turn, they promote me. But don’t get me wrong, if they decide not to promote me, I don’t really mind.

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  2. @Dee Barizo aka pholpher: Nice article!

    > different ballgame to execute strategies

    Well, that’s what I try to do with my articles here on Looking for tips, look at my articles.

    So my tip is to execute some shameless self promotion and to use social services to promote your content via different channels.

  3. How Do You Get Others To Promote You?

    That’s easy: just ask them, nicely!

    If it was only that easy, eh? ;-))))

    I’ve just started to post our eco/green related places over on (social news site set up by, which incidentally is running off a customised version of Drupal called

    The proprietors of the places posted to Hugg will benefit from more exposure via my site via Hugg

    We’re working on some great new commercial projects to be launched during 2008, so hopefully people will appreciate the way in which promote them and sign up.

  4. Thanks, Ryan, for the link.

    I think constant contact is the key especially by helping others. I like “targeting” certain bloggers for a period of time to see if they will promote me. By “targeting”, I mean doing things like:

    linking to them
    emailing them that I’ve linked to them
    emailing them asking them thought provoking questions
    commenting on their blog
    stumbling one of their posts

    If they don’t reciprocate after awhile, then I move on to another blogger.

    Dee Barizo aka pholpher

  5. I think Dee is on the right path but his ideas need more refinement. Why don’t we all use them on my blog and see where things go. Then we can refine the process and write posts that will eclipse the previous statements on the subject.

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  6. The best way is to promote other people first. Then they will return the favor any chance they have.

  7. I’m brand new… so my tip is to listen when other people tell you to do things. If you do this, it’s like saying you respect them. And even if that’s not true, it’s the impression that counts.


  8. What Ryan said. I’m a fan of discovering sites and pages in StumbleUpon and then promoting it in my network to hopefully flood the site with 1,000’s of visitors. I try to take it upon myself to promote other people’s Diggs and look to connect people whenever and wherever I can. If you give selflessly you’ll find the energy coming back to you soon enough. Also, when people ask for comments on their posts I do my best to come up with something halfway intelligent to share.

    And never underestimate the value of a well placed emoticon.


  9. No takers yet? How about this -> Become valuable to others and they will talk about you.

  10. Hopefully without diminishing the effect, my number one tactic is to surprise people with favors. Just do really nice things for people when they don’t expect it and chances are they’ll do really nice things for you when you don’t expect it. The cool thing is that this is not a zero sum game -> i.e. both parties almost always gain from the exchange.

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