How-To Create A Nice User Profile On

You are a registered user at and you don’t have a nice profile page? What a shame!

Create your personal profile page on!

Basically your profile is an HTML page stored in the database. Because of the HTML nature of your profile it is very easy to create a profile page to promote you as blogger, your websites and feeds.

Let’s talk about structure, content and personality and how-to embed those facts into your profile.

Where is your profile?

  1. Go to ‘My account‘ in the sidebar on the right side
  2. Choose the ‘Edit‘ tab on top of the page
  3. Choose the sub-menu ‘professional details
  4. The form ‘Bio‘ is the one where you will edit or better paste into your profile info.

Open the HTML editor of your choice…

Profile structure

Create an outline of your individual paragraphs. You don’t have to put in everything at once. Your profile page is a living project. You should have a look at it from time to time to add or delete information.

  • Introduction – You should have a short introduction because your profile page will be listed in the search engines. 1st time visitors need an introduction about the landing page.
  • Show off – Sub paragraphs could be ‘What others said about me’ and ‘Work examples’.
  • What do you offer – Pretty self explaining.
  • What do you look for – Pretty self explaining.
  • Your biography – Show off your personality. Make yourself known.
  • Your network – Let people know how and where to reach you. Add links to your other social network profiles.
  • Contact – How to contact you.
  • Thank You – Tell readers at the end of your profile page that you appreciate their visit. Call for action like ‘get in contact with me’ or something similar.
  • Status – I think it is a good idea to let people know when the profile was last updated.

Profile content

  • Use your feeds promotion buttons (i.e. from FeedBurner) to show off actual content.
  • Use your pictures to add some color.
  • Create lists wherever possible. This will enhance the reception. Readers don’t want to read long paragraphs. Make it short.

Make sure to see your profile page as another website of yours and periodically check the content for improvements!


  • Join the lines – If you get unexpected results when pasting the source code from your HTML editor into the ‘Bio’ form then compress the code in a text editor before pasting it.
  • Don’t get too fancy – Basic HTML is allowed but no JavaScript. Don’t overdo the HTML wizardry. Don’t clutter the profile page with too many whistles and bells.
  • Behave nicely – Your profile page is hosted at Follow the member guideline.


  • Add some color and personal information. Let it be fun to read your profile. Some personal comments will enhance the profile and make sure that readers see the person behind the page.
  • Use dynamic content which updates itself. I.e. I use my Facebook badge and the FeedBurner promotion badges.


Do some classical SEO stuff just to make your profile page known to the search engines. Don’t overdo it but make sure that your profile page is indexed. The basics:

  • Submit your profile page to all the search engines and/or directories where you think it should be found.
  • Link to your profile page from a couple of sites.
  • Post your profile page to your social networks.
  • Put a link to your profile page into your forum signatures.

Remember: Your profile page is a living project. Just start!

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  1. But being a member I thought I brand it for and not for Facebook 🙂

    @Ryan: maybe it is a good idea to post links to the keyword performancing or ‘Performancing Help’ in the sidebar?

  2. Nice resource here. Great stuff, Markus. These tips also work for other profile pages like on article directories and social media sites.

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