How to Market Your Business on Pinterest

pinterest business marketing

pinterest business marketing

It is possible to have a great marketing present on Pinterest. This is especially a case for companies in creative fields, especially home-improvement or hobbies, such as scrapbooking. However, websites that don’t have a lot of images may not be so successful at Pinterest when it comes to sharing their own content, especially if they’re wanting to share content that doesn’t have a catchy image attached to it.

If this isn’t the case, they may be more successful on content-heavy social media platforms, such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, Pinterest is a social media platform that needs to be updated daily, much like Twitter. This is because pins are shown by the date that they’re posted, so profiles updated on a regular basis are more likely to be shown in search results. This also leads to better engagement with the target community, which means engaged users will be sharing your company pins and links to content.

When first setting up company Pinterest account, it’s a good idea to get a base of 100-200 pins minimum in order to make a profile more credible. Pinterest profiles that are more likely to be spam usually only have a few pins (usually under 50). If you don’t have time in your company to set aside time for creating these initial pins and then maintaining the profile on a daily basis, it may not be worth the hassle. It’s important that companies are dedicated to providing a constant queue of new pins in order to be successful.

Another important step that may be obvious to some but surprisingly many companies don’t do is to completely fill out the profile. This includes the bio, links to Twitter and the company website, and making sure that your website link is verified. This usually involves uploading custom file or tag to your website to prove to Pinterest that you own the website you listed. It is important to note that only one Pinterest profile can verify one website at a time (for instance, Lowe’s can’t have 2 Pinterest pages and both have as their verified website).

When you have your initial pins and your profile is completely filled out, it’s time to set a schedule for maintaining your profile. This includes a pin strategy that list how many links to your own website content that should be pinned every week. For e-commerce websites that have several products, distribute this gradual process is over many months. Besides your own content and products, be sure to pin related images from other websites.

Much like twitter and other social media sites. Pinning other sites content, show that you are invested in being a valuable participant in the Pinterest community, making your target Pinterest count you as a profile to find creative ideas.
Finally, if your company is not yet open minded enough to give the employee managing Pinterest a more creative reign over what is posted, then Pinterest may not be right for your company at this time. However if your company is looking for creative outlet that is customer friendly and inspiring, then the Pinterest profile may find success and bring more traffic to the company website.