How e-Books Can Be Used to Improve Your Internet Marketing Efforts

E-Books and e-Book readers are all the rage!   We’re a mobile generation.  Long gone are the lazy evenings where we grab a good book and curl up in front of the fireplace.  Nowadays, we can’t seem to sit still.  And yet, we still want to read, learn, explore.  But we often want to read just a quick article – learn what we can, fast.  Get in and get out!  The answer?  E-books and the devices that read them to us.

For those who are unfamiliar,  an e-Book is simply an electronic version of a printed book; however they can also exist without a printed version. Many, many electronic devices can download e-Books.  Some of these devices, like the new Kindle, can even READ the text to you.  Images and life-like pages are also  available in certain devices.  Here is a short list of electronic devices which can download e-Books.  This list includes but is not limited to:

  • – Computers:  desktops and laptops
  • – Audio players, like MP3
  • – Smart phones, Blackberry, i-Phones, and Androids
  • – Computer tablets, like the iPad and Xoom
  • – E-readers such as Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and  Sony Reader

There are a variety of blogs AND E-BOOKS on the advantages of each of these electronic devices.  To choose which one is best for you, make a list of features you are looking for and decide what, when, and where you will be reading. Once you’ve done that, you can research these blogs and e-Books and choose the device which best suits your needs.

The Ins and Outs of Creating an e-Book

What many don’t realize is that companies are actually writing short e-Books in order to improve the visibility and reputation of their brand.  This is the latest and greatest trend to get your company name and mission statement out to the savvy technologically-aware consumer.  In other words, it’s marketing in the 21st century.

E-Books can promote your company’s ideas, products, and mission statement.  You write the E-Book similar to a training manual that you might use internally.  Then you search the Web for target words that would apply to your particular E-Book.  Then you offer your E-Book to the general public online.  E-Books are generally written by in-house content writers or by simply publishing an already written document from the company owner or another staff member. However, some companies do opt to hire a writer to create the e-Book .

Advantages of e-Books for Marketing

E-Books are generally offered to potential clients and customers for free.  So why bother?  The benefits to you as a company are varied; however there are always huge advantages. A few include:

  • Your company becomes the leader in your industry

It’s as simple as YOU have an e-Book and your competitor doesn’t.  YOU automatically become the trusted authority in the industry.  When a consumer is faced with the decision on whether to choose a local business, a business recommended by a friend or neighbor, or a business that has taken the time to create a published e-Book, they will choose the latter (you) most of the time. An e-Book gives weary customers something tangible to refer to when making their decision.

  • Your company name is all over the internet

When it comes time for a consumer to purchase a product or research an idea, they go to the Internet.  If you have an e-Book, they may choose to download it, read it, and probably even share it with others.  Your name is all over the internet, and more importantly, traded among savvy consumers.  This transfers into sales, and increased sales equals increased profits.

  • Marketing Outreach Programs

Every time someone downloads your e-Book, you acquire a new contact.  Then, a marketing dominoes affect takes place.  New contacts are potentially new customers.  New customers easily generate more contacts, and the dominoes continue to fall – right into your lap!

So next time your advertising manager approaches you about running an ad in your local newspaper, ask them to consider an e-Book instead.  The costs are minimal, the scope is immeasurable, there is no deadline or timeline involved, and your company will reap the benefits for years to come.  So jump on the e-Book Band Wagon and watch your profits grow.

Has your company ever created an e-Book to help improve visibility or teach your audience about your industry? Did you find it successful? Tell us your story in the comments below!

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