Have You Moved Your FeedBurner Account?

Have you logged into FeedBurner.com lately? If you have, you may have noticed a message at the top of your browser letting you know that all accounts are being moved away from FeedBurner to Google. If you haven’t moved your account just yet, you have until February 28th, 2009 to do so. So today, I decided to move my account over to Google and figured I’d share my experience in case you were wondering how difficult of a process it is.

The process was simple enough. You tell Google which account you want your FeedBurner feeds to be moved to and then, you select the Move option which will move the feeds off of FeedBurners hardware onto Google’s. According to FeedBurner, their algorithms for detecting the number of subscribers to a given feed is more accurate on Google which may be the reason why some people have seen a decline in their numbers after the move.

My account only contained about 5-6 different Feeds which took about 30 seconds to move. Once the move is complete, you’re given a new URL that allows you to manage your account: http://feedburner.google.com.

As I was going through this process of moving accounts, I realized that I still use the FeedBurner Feedsmith plugin for WordPress which consolidates all of the various Feed URLs generated by WordPress into one FeedBurner feed. Once you move your account over, be sure to visit this plugins settings page and change the feed url to the new one or else visitors will be subscribing to a feed that doesn’t exist.

Have you had any troubles moving your account from Feedburner to Google?

13 thoughts on “Have You Moved Your FeedBurner Account?

  1. Migration complete within 30 seconds, as originally posted. Not a flaw to be seen in the migration process.

    I’m already a user of multiple Google services and I don’t log in to the feedburner site that often, so this wasn’t much of a system shock.


  2. I just successfully moved my feeds in a total of 5 minutes. However, that included changing my widgets as well. Do not forget to change your widgets on your website, people.

  3. I moved early last week. Since then, some subscribers have been mysteriously unsubscribed. But now, my count is larger than ever… Perhaps the old FeedBurner did not accurately count subscribers…?

  4. I moved my Feedburner account 4 days ago and it’s still reading zero in pmetrics. How long before this should pick up again?

  5. Thanks for paving the way on this one, but I’m going to wait until February 27th or so, and then do it, hopefully benchmarking on lessons learned and bugs fixed. imho feedburner has gone severely downhill since Google bought it. Google kind of pulled a Microsoft on this one. 🙁

  6. I switched about a week ago. The switch itself was painless, but it took a while for numbers to return to whet they were. At first, I had zero subscribers, but I expected that because FB said it would take time for the feed to update correctly. After several days, my FB dashboard was indicating I had about 2/3 the number of subscribers as before. I was disappointed because it seemed to indicate I had lost several hundred RSS subscribers. After a few days of the partial number, my RSS numbers returned to where they were before. So, expect a week or more to see the full number of subscribers reflected in your feed stats.

    Currently my biggest problem is with Performancing’s own Pmetrics stats program. In the past, I had Pmetrics set to show my Feedburner stats. Since the switch, Pmetrics is stuck on zero RSS subscribers. I tried changing the feed URL in the Pmertics preferences, but Pmetrics expects the feed to start with “http://feeds.feedburner…” The new Google feed starts with “http://feeds2.feedburner.com/.” I assume that the feeds2 in the URL is causing Pmetrics to miss my feed.

    Other services that repurpose my feed (a blog on AmazonDaily, my pages on Squidoo, etc.) seem to be able to use the new feed without changing anything. I confess I have been too busy to sort out the problem with Pmetrics, but there is probably a simple workaround. Anyone know of a way to configure Pmetrics to recognize a Google Feedburner feed beginning with feeds2? Or is up to Performancing to change their code?

    In any case, I miss some of the old stat information in the Feedburner dashboard, but aside from the Pmetrics glitch, I’m reasonably happy with the new Google feed,

    — Tom Bonner


    Tom Bonner is the author of the Sony Alpha DSLR-A300/A350 Digital Field Guide from Wiley press. He blogs regularly at http://alphatracks.com. Follow Tom on Twitter: @wolf0

  7. We found that a feed display board in our office in Second Life couldn’t handle the feed redirect – we had to edit it to take the new feed address. Apart from that, all is shiny.

  8. I moved the feeds over, but didn’t change anything in the plugin settings. And everything still works right. Anybody else have to change the settings? The only thing in the URL that changed was adding of a 2 to feeds2.feedburner.com.

  9. I moved my feeds over about a week ago now. Anyone who uses MyBrand will need to update their CNAME record to a more complex one (including your Google Account name in it and all). Also, the subscribers drop might also be because FeedBurner mentioned that it could take up to a week to get accurate stats again (although mine have been alright for a few days now).

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