8 thoughts on “Have You Ever Donated Cash To A WordPress Plugin Author?

  1. I have donated 3 or 4 times Automatic Upgrade being my 1st. Usually around $10. Before I purchased a premium theme I would often donate to theme developers who assisted with support. Those amounts could be $25-$50 for help.

  2. I just donated $50.00 to Lester Gamerz Chen for his awesome plugins and willingness to keep them updated with newer versions of WordPress.

  3. If there’s a plug-in that makes my blog better or life easier – and why download anything else? – I absolutely donate. It shows support and might encourage further development. People should get paid for their time.

  4. Well not really donated. . .but paid for a premium plugin. . .and paid more for custom work. First time ever. I wouldn’t recommend it unless your revenue is able to compensate your wallet.

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