Google Gets Things Right? Well….

Back from a nice 2+ week vacation to Italia and Greece. Vacation is a definite must for all bloggers;-) But it did occur to me while I was on vacation that I enjoy my work because I had the urge to get back into the cockpit.

So it looks like Performancing got nuked while I was gone.

That makes Performancing less important than the DrudgeReport. Which, in all candor, is probably correct.

However, some of the nuke’s collateral damage seems to have hit YouTube – currently at PR 3 😉 And that makes Performancing, at PR 4, more important than YouTube. I’m sure we’ll see a few more jerryrigged epicycles added to correct this situation and get YouTube back up to PR 8+ where it belongs.

All of this nonsense points to just one fact:

PageRank should not and should never have been a factor in shaping your vision as a web professional.

13 thoughts on “Google Gets Things Right? Well….

  1. Yeah I too noticed it. Any my petty blog has PR4 now (earlier it was 0) making it an equal to Performancing! Am sure there must be some mistake.

    And you are right. We should stop giving that little green bar so much attention 😛

  2. Google has multiple servers that distribute PR data. For some reason, the distribution of the data is not always immediate.

    That lets you see possible “future PR” results.

  3. Google has started shooting itself in the foot.

    We all care about PR because we have the Google toolbar and watch it every time we visit a website. Time to remove it and promote alternatives like StumbleUpon.

  4. I have the same pagerank as Performancing now. 😀 Funny, I don’t feel any different though….

  5. It must have been yesterday (Friday) night b/c it was still PR7 on Thursday. And maybe it had something to do with my post? If so, then Google is acting like a little kid, nuking anyone that says anything bad about it. If not, then it’s links, which you no longer have.

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