Google Analytics is Porn

… at least according to stumbleupon.

For those of you who hadn’t heard of this issue before, there is this widespread problem with StumbleUpon where millions of web pages are mistakenly labeled as “pornography” – and while they do have a form that you can fill out to notify them about mistakes, I’ve never once seen the mistake corrected. The problem is made worse because StumbleUpon data is sometimes used by content filtering algorithms to determine the risk factor of content.

So this morning, I stumbled across a high-profile site that’s tagged as “porn” in StumbleUpon. I figured I’d bring attention to it by posting about it on Performancing. Let’s see if StumbleUpon fixes this one.

In the meantime, I’m curious whether you’ve run into this problem before and what you’ve done about it.

5 thoughts on “Google Analytics is Porn

  1. One of my posts about beer of all things was categorized as porn on SU. Of all the SU categories a post could be put into by mistake, and it goes into porn! Sort of glad to see it is more than just an accident, but it would be nice to find out how to straighten it out.

  2. Thanks for making this point clear, I have been doing this and i always wondered if i’d clicked something wrong.

    Now it makes sense

  3. Sheesh! We’ve been doing some testing with some clients sites in SU. Wondering if we need to go back and see how many of our retail and construction client sites are showing up in adult searches.

  4. I’m curious as to how much longer this is going to continue before some smart law firm files the first “algorithmic” slander/defamation suit?

    I’m sure an argument also could be made for a negligence filing if the erroneous classification was not fixed in a timely manner following notification.

    Hey! Any of you ambulance chasers out there wanna hire me as a consultant?

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