5 thoughts on “As A Blogger, How Many Different Hats Do You Wear?

  1. This is a very nice idea for a survey. Here’s just a thought on how to make it even better. Instead of asking the number of hats (which can be rather vague–what do you we consider a hat, what if i think of only three in my head, but then realize that i actually wear six more?), this survey can be more effective if it was a list of checkboxes for people to click what they do. Ryan’s answer is an excellent start.

    That being said, I’ll go ahead and check the 12-15, because it’s the highest number. I’m sure if we brainstorm enough, we can find plenty of hats we wear.

  2. Some Hats:

    1. Marketer
    2. Long-term strategy planner
    3. SEO/Link builder
    4. Webmaster
    5. Content entry
    6. Accountant
    7. Blogger Manager
    8. Logo designer

  3. At the moment I am keeping my blogging levels down, just posting about what comes into my head (on the topic of starting a business anyway) and doing limited marketing.

    But still it reaches 4-7 I think

    Content creator, editor, researcher, layout organiser, marketing, social networking

    thats off the top of my head. It certainly involves more work than I thought it would when I started out 3 weeks ago!

    Recruitment Nick

  4. When I say different hats, I mean which hats do you wear when managing your blog? For instance, I wear hats such as the content creator hat and the advertising manager hat along with the building backlinks hat on top of the social media hat. I think you get the drift.

    If you outsource your work, let us know who you outsource to and if it’s provided the results you were hoping for.

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