Getting Spammed by Worthless “Blog Directories”

Many years ago, webmasters worked out that owning directories was a great way to give yourself links, get free content in way of submissions and great revenue by putting affiliate links dressed up as real listings on the pages. Google didn’t like this much, and nowadays, most directories are worthless in terms of link value because of this.

Now we’re all blogging though, the “craze” has started again. And im not finding it any more charming than I did last time around. The problem is, that this years crop of content spammers dont even have the skills to realize their efforts are in vain.

And you know what? Spamming mulitiple guessed email addresses at is NOT a good way to garner favor and respect in the community. – STOP Spamming Bloggers!

Really, of all the stupid, idiotic, underpants on head crazy misguided things you could possibly do to get a new site off the ground, spamming peoples inboxes, bloggers inboxes, has got to be the stupidest.

And apart from that, directories…

  • Were shit 3yrs ago
  • Are still shit today
  • Are not used by humans
  • Are in most cases a bad link move on the part of bloggers
  • Are disliked, for pretty good reason by major search engines
  • And are consequently, a waste of everybodies time

Sheeeesh, we’ve been here so many times. do we have to do it all again with blogs? It wasn’t any fun the first couple of times, and it wont be any better this time.

God help me, i’f I get another sodding email saying “we really like your blog!” from a bot to an email address that is not printed anywhere on the web I’ll scream.

Just give it a break, it wasnt a good idea then, and guess what?

It still isnt.

2 thoughts on “Getting Spammed by Worthless “Blog Directories”

  1. Had my 8 emails from the other day. I think spammers have lost the art of trying to hook us with subtle force these days: Now, it’s just crash, bang big numbers: 1 million emails @ 0.05% is still 500 – if no one responded to spam then it would wither away and die.

    All those blog directories I registered with when I first started blogging, boy, was I a newbie … what a waste of time that was. And then placing all those 80×15 buttons…

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