Gangway! Theme Launched

The latest Performancing theme for WordPress has been launched. See announcement here.

Gangway! is a three-column theme for WordPress that’s well-suited for group or team blogs. Developed by the Performancing team in cooperation with Forty Media, Gangway! is focused more on the content, and less on heavy visuals. Blog posts, links, archives and authors are presented in a grid-like fashion, to give that organized feel.

If you need help installing, modifying, or tweaking the theme, please do post here on the official support forum.

13 thoughts on “Gangway! Theme Launched

  1. How long does it take for posts to appear in this column? Since there are no widgets, I thought it would be after the post limit of 5 hit the Next page. But alas, that is not true. Any suggestions?

  2. Is it me or is the date/month on entry post missing? All I see is the time?


  3. I currently have the theme installed on

    If you scroll all the way to the bottom, to the link that says *next page* and click it, you get the same content as you do at the domain itself… In other words, it does not work.

    I do not know if I am making any sense here.

  4. I am sure Angelo will update the theme, but here is the download for the pages template (one file with comment area, one without)

  5. I guess that is one drawback. Can be solved by using the following if/else/then statements

    php if(is_single())
    php if(is_page())

    And others.

    Hm. Perhaps there can be later versions that would have more explicit support for this, and also for widgets.

  6. @embisiz: If Gangway is using a single index page, then there will be conditional code to test whether the currently requested page is a permalink page (single post), a “page” (WordPress terminology), or an archive index page. So any changes you want to make would have to go into the conditional section.

  7. As fas as i see, there are no explicit Page, Single, Archive files. So how can i change the content of these pages?

  8. Nice to see such good feedback on the blog already re: Gangway!

    James Archer from forty media has promised to pop in tomorrow and answer all questions.

  9. I’m wondering what the basic features might be such as fixed or fluid width, widget ready, what default theme templates may be provided such as “author”, “contact”, “archives” etc.

    For just info’s sake, WordPress bloggers who are shopping around for a theme are used to seeing these basic features listed in the description of a WP theme. Just food for thought.

    Nice theme though. I’m seriously thinking of using it on a new project that I’m starting soon.

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