Free eBook On Personal Branding

Chris Brogan is not just a name anymore, it’s a brand. Chris has released a free eBook to the public today called Personal Branding For The Business Professional. The ebook is in PDF format and clocks in at about 15 pages. The book covers everything from strategy advice to over 100 different ideas and tactics to use.

Chris Brogan is a social media maven who always gives more than he takes and this is yet another example. It didn’t take me long to download my copy, will you be doing the same?

Thanks Chris!

2 thoughts on “Free eBook On Personal Branding

  1. I don’t think I am one of them either. But Chris is. This guy is like a social media machine. What is the difference between being great at something or labeling yourself as a brand?

  2. Jeff,
    There is always a big risk associated with branding one’s name (i.e I refer to this as building a personality cult). The risk lies in the need to maintain an ultra-high level of performance and always needing to up the ante. Only a few people are cut out for this line of work. And I am not one of them.

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