Five Steps to Finding & Hiring a Part-time or Full-time Blogger with the Right Stuff

There comes a time when you have to bite your lip and take a chance. Hiring someone to assist you with blogging is probably a worthy investment in the long run and offers the chance to expand further. Performancing’s very own Ryan Caldwell has hired bloggers to help get the work done. It is becoming more common these days, and eventually, you might need help too.

I constantly take notice of the Performancing Blogger Job Boards which are very popular. There are many opportunities for bloggers to take advantage of. This also means that employers are taking notice as well. It is a great place to search for a new blogger

Here are some ways to make sure that the process of finding and hiring that new blogger goes well:

Where to Look

With this wonderful thing we call the World Wide Web, it is easily possible to reach thousands of potential hired hands for your blog within days or even hours. There are forums, blogs, listings, and other forms of media to take advantage of.

Performancing’s Blogger Job forum is an excellent place to start out with. Every week there are thousands of people that are checking the forums for work opportunities. Best of all, it is completely free to post a job listing. Take advantage of this, as some other places go as far to charge money for posting job offers.

There are a vast amount of places you can post job listings, and here are a few to consider visiting:

The key thing is that while writing your description for the job, you should try to give as much information as you can for encouraging a reply from applicants (see below). I, personally, would not even bother considering a job offer if it didn’t have how much it would pay, the posting frequency, length of articles, the topics, and the website I would be writing for. I consider that to be the bare minimum.

Know What You Want

If you are going to be hiring someone, you should know what you want and expect before continuing on. You must take into consideration several aspects of your blog:

  • Posting quantity (one post per day or ten?)
  • Amount per article (300 words or 1000 words)
  • Topics to be written about
  • Types of posts (linkbait, news, reviews, etc.)

Once you know what you want, it will make finding and choosing the right blogger for the job an easier experience for both parties. Make sure you look out for other job postings to see if you can learn anything from them. Regardless, have all the information provided for those who are viewing your listing — it will allow people to make a good decision and not waste your time.

What to Watch For

Considering that you receive more than one applicant, how do you choose which is the better one for you? First, you should consider someone who put a lot of effort into their reply to your job offer. Next, you should talk to everyone who you feel could be worthy of a hire.

Experience should take priority when you are taking things into consideration. However, you must put everything to the side in order to realize that you want someone that is going to bring traffic — which in turn will make you money. Finding someone that can connect with your current readers and bring in new ones is no simple math equation. It just takes some getting used to.

Your blogger must not only inform, but entertain your audience as well. Anyone has the potential to shine if given the opportunity, but someone with experience is more likely to produce results and make an impact sooner. It should have the most weight when considering your final decision.


There are many potential ways to compensate your blogger. Compensation based on performance is becoming popular. I have also seen compensation from five dollars per post to over a hundred dollars per post, and there have been revenue percentage payouts as well. Also, I have seen pay per word rates. However, it does not end there though; several other methods of compensation exist including hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rates.

How do you determine how much to compensate? Well, it really is up to you, but the more you pay, the more quality you should be getting from your blogger. Pay your blogger fairly, and pay what he or she is worth. In all likelihood, you will get better efforts and a better articles at the end of the day.

Monitoring Progress

Evaluating how your blogger is performing is crucial. If you are hiring someone that is experienced, it is probably a better idea to just get that person started. However, if you are hiring someone that is new to the blogging scene, than you should consider giving the person a chance to post as a guest or reading over the content before it is posted to the blog. You must, obviously, protect your business.

Things should work out in the end, and your blogger will be bringing you in traffic. If this is the case, then you can pat yourself on the back, but don’t get to complacent. It is only time before you are managing many more blogs and have more employees to deal with. That is when it will really be getting interesting.

If the above isn’t the case, then maybe it is time to reconsider your decision. It will be time to try again.

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  1. There were guidelines. I wrote them. But for some reason, they either don’t appear or nobody bothers reading them. I do moderate the listings though.

  2. Regardless, the job boards always bring in a TON of traffic. It has to be one of the most popular features of the site. Perhaps there should be more guidelines on posting a job offer.

    I have noticed a lot of people not posting enough information for the job offers. Some of the users do a great job of pointing that out already though.

  3. You should try posting on many as you can to maximize responses. Good luck, and hopefully it works out

  4. The Perf Jobs board doesn’t get as much attention as it should, but there are often new postings for interesting opportunities.

  5. Thank You for this article. My colleagues and I have been putting together a strategy for hiring some bloggers and obviously we had this site pegged but wasn’t ware of the others.

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