First Performancing Partners Payments sent

Some of you lucky Partners members got paid today. Well, I say “lucky” but as partners members you are obviously smart (and probably good-looking too), heh.

Detailed reporting is coming in time for next months payments, for this month we had to prioritise just getting the payments out.

You will have been paid via PayPal to the email address in your Performancing user account (in “my account” menu option over in right hand column). If your usual PayPal address is different to the one we sent money to you can go into your normal PayPal account and add the other address to pick up your money.

The money paid is either for ads bought on your blog or for referring a blogger who has had a paid ad, or a paying advertiser. I hope this helps explain things if you are feeling confused why you got paid today.

Don’t worry if it wasn’t your turn this month, just remind visitors to your blog that ad spots are available and to double your chance of earning also point out where to join if they are not already a member!

6 thoughts on “First Performancing Partners Payments sent

  1. Been thinking a bit about this too. If have a way to look at your stats you could compile who visits via IE or Firefox and maybe, if you know it, who reads by which type of news reader. Then do a little post that some title like “Who you are” or something more creative. Then start with, “taking a break from my usual talk about [insert blog topic]…”. Then of course, oh by the way, support my advertisers! and wow, thats more people than I thought, did you know you can advertise here and reach those same people?
    Of course, this is all off the top of my head and you lot are much more creative than me

  2. I’ve been meaning to write about ways to do just that bgrier, cos i actually think even non-techie regulars appreciate being ‘part’ of it you know?

  3. Really. Doing a ‘behind the scenes’ post or three is actually a very interesting idea that I’d not considered. Then, vector in the advertising component, metrics and analytics, usability…wow…you could create a whole blog dedicated to this 😉

    But seriously, if your blog will not suffer from such a discussion, why not bring it up, from time to time.

  4. Right now my blog is supported by dreams!

    That’s a good idea – to mention something in the sidebar and maybe add a donation button for non-advertisers to help. So far, I’m not spending more than I can afford, but it would be nice to get some compensation.

  5. Some people find it easy to introduce in conversation, especially if they have discussed the “behind the scenes” aspects of their blog at all in the past, others do not feel comfortable with mentioning it. You do not have to write a post though, some blogs simply have in their sidebar a small message saying the blog is supported by advertising etc.

  6. I haven’t ever discussed advertising in a post on my blog.

    I’ve had ads (unpaid so far) from the beginning, but just never talked about it. In fact, I don’t talk much about the meta-issues of blogging at all.

    I have mixed feelings about bringing it into the conversation since it’s so totally off-topic.

    Do other bloggers talk about these issues on their blogs?

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