First 9Rules, Then The World?

I see Scrivs has been blowing kisses about a 9rules ad network to Kevin over at Clickz. “The ad network is currently in development, and is expected to launch in coming months. Scrivens declined to specify a time frame, other than “as soon as possible,” but stressed that the quality of the offering would override a premature release date”, well cool — I asked Paul if he had plans to take this outside of 9rules to the larger blogosphere.

He said “For now the ad Network will be limited to 9rules because I don’t think we would be
prepared for anything large scale. However, if things work out right we would definitely
consider moving it out to the web at large.”

I’ll wait and see how it all works out on 9rules before getting to giddy about yet another ad network, but I’m quietly hopeful we may see some decent things come out of this. It’s kinda cool to see network owners taking matters into their own hands, it must SUCK being so reliant on Adsense.