Finding a Paid Blogging Job Just Got Easier

I just read that Darren Rowse of is opening a jobs board, not unlike Performancing Exchange, the free classifieds style blogging board we put out in beta a couple of weeks back.

There are probably 2 main differences here:

  1. Audience: Depite focus, the audiences are quite different
  2. Darrens boards cost $50, going to $100 — Exchange is free

So far we’ve had some excellent paid blogging gigs written up on Exchange, and I know there’ll be room for both services and that we’ll continue ot have fun with the Exchange, that with Raj Dash and Ahmed Bilal moderating and evengelizing, can’t go far wrong!

The winner here is hopefully the professional blogger looking for a job, and the company, blog network/enteprise looking for those pro bloggers.

Good luck with the venture Darren.

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One thought on “Finding a Paid Blogging Job Just Got Easier

  1. Thanks for your well wishes. Funny how we all came upon the same basic idea at the same time. I almost fell off your chair in laughter the day I saw you announced Exchange (not because it was bad but because it sounded so similar to what I’d been talking with Eric about).

    Like you – I think there’s room for both services and suspect we’ll target slightly different audiences (as well as some overlap).

    All the best with your venture too (although next time maybe we should do something together! 🙂 )

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