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Let me introduce you to one of my favorite SEO tools, SEO Digger.

With this tool, you simply enter in a URL and it will give you the popular keywords that the URL ranks for in the Google top 20. If you become a registered member (it’s free), you can do a full search of a domain name.

SEO Digger has over 44 million keywords in their database. The keywords come from Wordtracker and Overture. If your keyword is not in the database, you can send SEO Digger your keywords and they’ll add them.

It’s not the most accurate tool. Some of the keyword rankings are inaccurate because the search engine results pages (SERPs) are constantly changing. Also, SEO Digger only updates the database every two weeks.

However, this tool gives you a quick overview of where you stand in the SERPs for popular keywords. I like using it to find keywords where I rank on the second page. These keywords are great because it often doesn’t take much work to move your site to the first page.

How to Use SEO Digger to Find Great Keywords

Here’s a quick example where I used SEO Digger to find a couple keywords on the second page.

I typed the domain name of one of the sites I’m working on, I checked “Full search for domain name”. Remember you have to be a registered member to use the full domain search. Also, I clicked on “250 keywords” so I could see more keywords per page.

search box seo digger

Here are the top of the results. “Pos.” is the position where your site ranks.

top seo digger results

I looked at the keywords on the second page (11th through 20th position). Then, I picked keywords that seemed like they would have a good amount of search volume.

Here are two keywords I found.

watch repair kits results

Finally, I checked Google to get a more accurate ranking. For watch repair kits, the site is actually in the 14th position instead of the 15th. For watch repair kit, the site is in the 13th position.

To learn more about SEO Digger, check out the FAQ and manual.

In my next post, I’ll give you some simple tips for moving your site from the second page to the first page.

9 thoughts on “Find Great Keywords With SEO Digger

  1. Thanks for providing this usefull info about the keyword selection. Keywords are the main key player in the seo. Without finding suitable keyword for your domain it is very difficult to gain success in the SEO feild.

  2. Tuppy, looks like you’re close to getting more Google traffic from that one site. There’s a lot of traffic opportunities with 2nd page keywords. Good luck Later I’ll give some easy to implement tips to help you move those keywords to the 1st page.

  3. The result page looks astonishing simple and the results are very fast. I like the Google keywords data for finding new niches.

    Edit: My recommended tool 103bees has a ‘ranking’ menu. This will show you which incoming SE traffic has been generated from which phrases in realtime.

  4. The number one reason to use SEO Digger is to capitalize on your current strengths. As you note, taking a SERP from page 2 to page 1 is cake.

  5. I love SEO Digger. As you say, it’s not 100% accurate nor 100% comprehensive, but it does give you some great data to work from.

  6. I’d never heard of this before … very interesting indeed. I’m actually quite surprised how many page two results I have on one of my sites.

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