FeedBurner integration with pMetrics

You should be seeing a new yet familiar icon in the pMetrics tab bar. We have just released a module that lets you access your FeedBurner stats from within our service. This requires you to be running your site’s feed through FeedBurner (and you’d have to be pretty much insane not to be doing that already). You’ll also need to enter in your FeedBurner URI on your site management page, which you can access from your pMetrics user homepage. Only basic data is available from FeedBurner’s API unless you are subscribed to their premium service. Performancing has a premium subscription with FeedBurner, so you can see the full range of stats available by playing with the demo account on pMetrics. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “FeedBurner integration with pMetrics

  1. @Randa: Go into your feedburner account, select the feed you want (the control panel for it). Then look for the Publicize tab at the top. Click that. Along the lefthand column, look for the menu item Awareness API. Click that. On the resulting page, you’ll see an “Activate” button.

    If you want other applications (such as PMetrics) to be able to access your Feedburner metrics, you’ll need to activate that button. Note that doing so means any one can access your metrics if they know how.

  2. Can you help me with this error message on my Feeds tab:
    FeedBurner error: This feed does not permit Awareness API access


  3. Ok I fixed it. But, FYI it doesn’t look like you have a FeedBurner Pro account so you won’t be able to view those other pages anyways!

  4. Ah, this seems to be a problem with timezones. FB is based on USA east coast (GMT -5), so I guess if you give it a date that’s in “the future” then it dies horribly. I will get that fixed right now… sorry! Thanks for the notification though.

  5. Hi Sean,

    Wow, cool! Excellent addition to Performance Metrics. I do however see an error after I added my feed URI and click on either Item Views or Item Clickthroughs: “FeedBurner error: Malformed parameter (dates)”. Does it need to be populated first? What info over at FeedBurner is this taken from? I have no errors there. Thanks for helping.

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