Exchange is Already Evolving Based on Feedback

Only some few hours after launching Performancing Exchange, a “classifieds style marketplace for the professional blogging community”, we’ve already got a ton of feedback, and the service has already began to reshape.

One of the things we found early on was that the category “services offered” was just asking for trouble, particularly when the service is free… Also, a better place for individual bloggers to showcase their talents and skills is the newly redesigned user profiles, which are soon to be made searchable by “for hire”.

Keeping it very simple certainly seems the way forward, and now we have just 3 categories:

  • Blogging Jobs
  • Services wanted
  • Blogs for sale

No posts were lost when the old categories were removed, but they don’t appear on the /exchange page any longer.

There are certainly a few good blogging exchange posts, including B5Media’s business bloggers wanted, and they’ll certainly be more to come.

As always, opinions and susggestions most welcome.

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One thought on “Exchange is Already Evolving Based on Feedback

  1. When I saw the wide open “services offered” section, I imagined that would have to be reeled in or else become fee based. Good job!

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