2nd Tier Social Bookmarking Sites

In my last article I wrote about the big players (and some of the smaller players) in the Social Bookmarking world. There are a number of other services that exist and I thought it would be best if I threw these into the ring as well. I’m just going to focus on a few others for the sake of this article (though, I am sure with every keystroke I commit over here 10 more are being born…”If they can make digg for only 900 dollars. imagine what we could do with 10 grand!”)
And without further ado here is the breakdown on the small-time players in the social bookmarking game.

feedmelinks – the layout isn’t all that great. Usability is a real issue. I don’t like having to ask myself “Is this a text box?” Also, I am not 100% sure who the target audience for this site is but judging by the homepage picture I’d say Insane Clown Posse fans.
Markaboo – Markaboo does not use a voting scale, so I can only assume that your posts are by age (the newer ones at the top) And actually I’d doesn’t seem to be all spam. Really, only 10-15% spam (from actual site owners trying to draw traffic but I doubt “This is going to be the best designer directory EVER!” is going to pull many people– call me crazy.
LookLater – While it is a bookmarking site it is not a social bookmarking site. You create your own bookmarks (it doesn’t seem to be tagged at all) and you can come back to them later. I’m not 100% sure why anyone would need a site like this.
Shadows – It may be irrational but I actually like Shadows. It isn’t nearly as mature as Newsvine but it is cleaner looking than a lot of the other service. The major problem is the usability is terrible. I can’t imagine average users picking it up like I can with reddit.com or newsvine.com it just doesn’t have the same ease of entry. The biggest tags on the site are “Blog” “Design” “Software” “Tools” and “Web” so you have a pretty clear concept of what kind of people are using the site.
blogmemes.com seems to be the popular and up-and-coming Spanish social bookmarking site. The feel is very “Web 2.0”. I am sure there are Spanish bloggers out there would could really capitalize on this system. The community seems to be small but active (and at least in theory) growing. (blogmemes.net is the English site– they do not present the same information even though they have the same layout)

2 thoughts on “2nd Tier Social Bookmarking Sites

  1. Thanks sergio– I have to admit that I am pretty US-Centric. I am completely inept when it comes to learning languages.

  2. IT’s better that you don’t go onto the non-english social bookmarking sites, because if you do so You will have literally thousands of sites to analyze. For the spanish bloggers, meneame is much more like a big player than blogmemes.

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