Even When You Are Gone, You Can Still Be There

Many professional bloggers have a broad schedule that they attempt to maintain. It creates interest within your readership, and it also gives your readers a great idea of when to expect new content. This also increases your chances of generating subscribers to your content. However, there are just those times when things do not work out as planned—it is times like those when preparation really can pay off. The ability to post content at a future point in time without having to do it yourself is a great way to ensure you are prepared, but you also need to have content readily available when you might not have it otherwise.

All bloggers should take the time to create a few extra posts that are not focused on news, but are more focused on opinions or similar to that. Depending on your niche and blogging style, this might be difficult, but once you have taken the time to use these posts when you really have to, you’ll realize that the extra effort is worth it. For Performancing, I already have had three articles prepared incase I ended up needing to use them. Coincidently, I am going to be using them this week. (If you were following me on Twitter, you would know why.)

A few other reasons for creating backup content:

  • Taking that wonderful vacation
  • Just needing a break from blogging
  • Feeling under the weather
  • The words just won’t add up (writer’s block)
  • Allowing extra effort for more complex articles

The primary reason for doing something like this is to maintain your consistency. Again, readers appreciate consistency, and we all have had our moments where we have slacked off in the past, but there are other times when serious problems can arise, and this is why you need to be prepared. So, are you prepared?

2 thoughts on “Even When You Are Gone, You Can Still Be There

  1. 40 pre-written articles! My-oh-my, that is impressive. Keep up the great work.

  2. Excellent article. When I had to leave for a week last month, I prewrote about 40 or so blog posts for my various/sundry blogs, so it looked like there was not a break at all in the consistency my readers have come to expect. Took me several days to do that but it was worthwhile.

    Data points,


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