Don’t Be Shy, Show Us Your Blogging Rig

Following Darren over at ProBlogger, I thought it would be cool for Perf members to post images or video of their ‘puter and office setups. Post them in this thread, but make sure to kill 2 birds with one stone by heading over to Problogger to share there as well.

I’ll kick things off with my College Startup / Performancing HQ

It’s a 2 computer setup. One laptop (old and borderline useless), one desktop (a souped up powerhouse with 4GB RAM). Each computer has its own distinct public IP address. I prefer safety in redundancy. If one machine goes down, the other is there. If one IP address gets put on some blacklist, the other is there.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Be Shy, Show Us Your Blogging Rig

  1. This puppy comes with me to the playground,library, soccer games, my inlaw’s house and on vacation.

  2. It’s nothing fancy, but when you consider just a few weeks ago I was alternating between the kitchen table and a corner of the dining room, it’s a serious upgrade. My office.

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