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The other day while traversing through my blog referral links, I noticed a search query coming from a site that had DoFollow in the domain name. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that the site was a DoFollow search engine that allegedly indexes thousands of blog posts from 400 or more blogs.

I still feel as if having the DoFollow attribute enabled is another magnet for comment spam. However, if you feel the need to only comment on blogs that pass along a few drops of Google Juice, this search engine might be of help to you. Let me know if you perform a search of your blog or blog posts and come up with any results.

Although in the past, I have stated that I use DoFollow on my own personal blog. However, I have since changed my mind and have disabled the DoFollow plugin.

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  1. Its difficult enough to find do follow pages to get the links on. This will prove handy thanks. With abit of digging i can use this to my advantage -as im sure we all are.

    Thanks again

  2. Dofollow blogs carry a link with them , when we click on that link it directs us to the homepage of link being carried.

  3. There are quite a few plugins for wordpress for do follow we just installed the NoFollow Free plugin it was a tossup between that and Lucia’s Linky Love Plugin. There is a great review page of all the plugins that may help others find which is the best one to suit them. Hope this helps. Great Post.

  4. Iv’e not heard of a do follow search engine, I think blog owners should have the right to opt out of being included in it though.

  5. I think that dofollow should be adopted by bloggers in respect to comments that promote and enhance the topic discussion, while filtering spam by manually moderating the rest. After much thought, I now use dofollow on my blog with the above prerequisites.

  6. I agree that many commenters practice “drive-by” commenting. But at least they’re visiting. It’s not easy drawing traffic to a brand-new blog, so you do what you have to – dofollow is one way. Even if many visitors do not stick around for long, at least you’re getting some pageviews and getting your face known a bit. Once blogs get to a certain size they tend to turn it off or risk getting swamped with comments – but by then it’s done its job.
    I have it installed, and so far it’s helped not only with random traffic, but also to hook up with several other related sites, so it’s been worth it for me.

  7. I think indexing is better than not indexing, as of fact I like those search engines that spiders around and index whatever they could find, this is my opinion; I think indexing more will bring more info for the search engines.
    The more index = the more info.

  8. Not all of blogs are dofollow, in fact the only page listed for my search had nofollow. Having said that, many other are. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks, but I wish someone would come up with a universal one, and edit it once in a while. Too many nofollow blogs on the lists, and too many dofollow search engines.

  10. I tried a search there and turned on my SEO tools plug in which highlights links with the no-follow attribute disabled. The first TWO blogs I visited do NOT have the attribute turned off!!!

    Do Follow has created a LOT of spam on my blogs that advertise it, but it’s also brought a lot of traffic. Unfortunately, I’d have to say it’s “drive by traffic” because they comment on one post and leave, and NOT by clicking on the ads!

  11. Nice to see someone scanning their referral list (I certainly do, though I found this one in a Google Alert). Of course users can submit thier own blog, and quite a few have done. There’s also a blog where you can leave comments and suggestions on how I can improve the service.

    ps. 14115 blog posts from 406 blogs as this is written. I’ve been a bit slow to add new blogs the last week or so, but adding more almost every day.

  12. The site seems to have a form where you can submit your feed and they will verify your blog.

    I do not use “dofollow”, however it only makes sense if you have a lot of Bloggers as your readers. Comments on my blog usually have invalid Sites or Just e-mail Ids of people. Most of them are not aware of the term “HomePage” or URL.

    I think removing URL completely can be a solution on such blogs.

  13. Hmm, perhaps you two should send an email to the founder and tell him/her your idea. Then maybe they can put together a blog submission form.

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