13 thoughts on “Do you use Twitter?

  1. Nice job you guys. I think I might actually hit 100 followers soon. Insane!

  2. What Dean said. I have post going up on Friday that embeds a different Ed Dale screencast/ video about Twitter.

  3. since I enabled phone updates and installed Alex King’s Twitter Tools I am actually getting around to blog updates it is very cool. most readers of this blog will familiar with the work of Ed Dale he has really turned me back onto using twitter. if you are interested here is one of many blog posts and accompanying video re using twitter. how-to-use-twitter-for-business

  4. Yes, I’m a Twitter addict too… there is no better way for keeping up with the ‘conversation’. Want to know what the hot topics are? want to know what people are passionate about, do you just want to keep up with the world around you? Then follow everyone and anyone who looks like they have something interesting to say, the bigger your network, the more useful it is (that goes for both following and followed). @martyj

  5. I finally gave in and signed up yesterday after deciding that the best way to create a distributed update system for one of my projects was through Twitter.

    I also happened to sign myself up an account.

  6. I’m right with you. Looking forward to the new site… let me know when it goes live.

  7. I am totally addicted to Twitter so much so I am starting a support group called TwitterAnonymous.com. I’m in the process setting up the website now.

    You can follow me at “kbeasley”.

  8. I’m having too much fun. Everyone needs to follow http://twitter.com/jmowery. The world would be a better place if you did! I’m always looking for interesting people to follow as well.

    As a matter of fact, if you voted yes, and you do have an account, just post your Twitter account in the comments section! We can all get to know each other.

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